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Hey guys :) I am really getting into the sim again and absolutely love it! Quick question here though. Now that I have WOV updated with Patch 8 and SP5, are there any other updates that are a must like a weapons pack, skin pack, etc etc? BTW, I love how the new sim updates allow you to fly the planes that are meant for WOE, it is so great, yay F-14QS!!!

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I think if you intend to fly the more modern aircraft, you're going to want to install the Weapons Pack.

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I don't fly WoV all that much, but I think you're going to want these:-


Weapons pack is a must.


Brain32's VietnamSEA tile repaint



Polak's Skymod



and/or Cellinsky's Weather mod (I only use his cloud1.tga, in conjunction with Polak's Skymod - the difference it makes to your flight experience is astonishing)




And you're going to need a separate WoV install for this, but it's well worth it:-


MK2's Vietnam 1984 Campaign:-



MK's Vietnam 1984 SP4 Update:-




After that, well, whatever takes your fancy. Take a good look round.





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