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Guest Charles

First Eagles Medals Pack

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Guest Charles

The stock FE has a number of limitations on the award of medals (there are only a few medals for each air service, and they can only be won once). This means that after a short time in service, any pilot you have created in FE cannot win any more medals, no matter how successful a mission you fly. I wanted to change that, to provide more medals, and to ensure that a successful mission will generally bring a medal, even if you have previously won that medal.


I've put together a mod for this - a Medals Pack which adds more medals, and enables you to win medals more than once, if your mission results are good enough. It is up now, at the Third Wire/Object Mods section.


The medals now available are as follows:


British medals (Royal Air Force and Australian Flying Corps):

Victoria Cross

Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCMG)

Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE)

Distinguished Service Order

Military Cross

Distinguished Flying Cross

Military Medal

Victory Medal

Silver War Badge

Croix de Guerre


French medals (French Aéronautique Militaire):

Legion of Honor (Légion d’Honneur)

Military Medal (Medaille Militaire)

War Cross (Croix de Guerre)

Combatant’s Cross (Croix du Combattant)

Verdun Medal

Wounded Medal (Insigne du Blessé Militaire)


German medals (Imperial German Army Air Service):

Pour le Merite (Blue Max)

Order of the Red Eagle

Royal Order of Hohenzollern

Iron Cross 1st Class

Iron Cross 2nd Class

Military Merit Cross

War Merit Medal

Wound Badge


US medals (US Air Service):

Medal of Honor

Distinguished Service Medal

Distinguished Service Cross

Citation Star

Victory Medal

Purple Heart

Croix de Guerre

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Guest Charles

Medals don't show up in the Pilot records. I think that the number of each that you recieve is recorded in the individual *.PLT files in the PilotData folder (at about offset 248 and following), but we would need a code-change from TK in the sim's EXE file to make medals actually show up at the Pilot Record screen.

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