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F-89J Scropion -- 'The Scorpion Kings'

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Just a few more tweeks to the decal locations, and another will be ready to fly and sting the Enemies of Freedom....




178th FIS, North Dakota Air National Guard, approx 1966-69 "The Happy Hooligans", F-89J Late model (no wingtip rocket pods)


coming soon!!!


I also learned something very important about decal inis and pathways...


did you know you can't use a paranthetical expression in the pathway??? The original name of th aircraft folder was




so the decal path was



and they didnt work!!!


changing the folder name to F-89J_L solved the problem...after 4 hours of head scratching!!


A tip to all skinners out there....



kevin stein


ps: the H is nearing completion, too. Need to decal (serial numbers one skin, and I'm reusing another)

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Super! Nice to see all the F-89 variants. Sorry, have been busy with work and computer repair issues. Still need to get some slides scanned for you. Any unit in particular that you are looking for?


Mike D.

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.after 4 hours of head scratching!!


Hey Kevin.....be forewarned I am now going to bust your balls.......


If you would of asked me I could of told you that..... :biggrin:


Remember I am the decal king........3000+ and still going.....



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Dave, I'd have expected no less!!! :haha:

I prostate myself before His Majesty, the King of Decals (bows and scrapes)

-- I'm gettin close though, with all the nose arts and such, expecially for the unreleased/beta stuff (F-302 Mongoose), I must be near the 1500 mark!


Mike: do you have that on pdf??? I'm willing to trade from my rather large collection of books on pdf.... :biggrin: If that's as good as their F-84 book...!!!!!


As to those I could use, in particular comes to mind:


18th FIS

64th FIS


Both based at Elmendorf in the 50? early 60s??


(hopefullly, I can find the skills needed to create the necessary markings!)


The only thing that bother me with that one, is the ADC gray, it don't look gray enough. I matchd FS16473; it's rgb values are 170,178,176.

The specular, reflectivity and glossiness all come right from the ADC gray Phantom:






Strange...but it still looks good to me!!



kevin stein

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Sorry, the copy I have is in paper and print. Can scan anything of interest. I'll check what I have on the alaskan units for sure.


I find that adding a bit of blue tint makes the ADC grey look more like it appears under a blue sky in the sun, RGB values be damned. Used to do the same thing for the paints for 1/72 plastic kits.


Kevin do I have your E-mail address to send you some stuff? I had to get a new hard drive for my home PC and may have lost some info.


Mike Druzolowski

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