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What next in FE?

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Sorry to be starting so many threads of late, but I'd be interested, now that EP1 has come out, to know what FE afficionados would like to see in EP2 (assuming there will be one)?


What would be in your EP2, and why?

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Photo real terrains and a set for the Italian front.



Correct the known bug with the horizon fog.

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What would be in your EP2, and why?


Good question. OK my fantasy FE (excluding fixes for known issues) would include


1) More aircraft (of course)


Halberstadt CLII

Hannover CLIIIa

Junkers J1




2) Balloons that get out of the way (winch down) when enemy ac approach (and "flaming onions")


3) A library of static objects such as fortifications, buildings, trees and vehicles to use in mission building


4) active objects, particularly artillery and the ability to set up artillery spotting missions to increase the effectiveness of battery fire. Also moving trains.


5) An integrated mission editor with a 3d view (as in IL2 and Lockon)


6) The ability to link single missions together to create campaigns (and write briefings that appear in the game).


7) (Getting rather wild and fanciful here) a bit of the Belgian coast and some more planes


Hansa-Brandenburg W12

Albatros W4

Felixstowe F2a

and some ships.....(I'd better stop now, when is "Jutland" coming out"?)


All fantasy I think given limited resources, but I enjoyed answering your question .

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Revised engine modeling - fuel supply cut at negative g, that can stop engine without me shutting it off or enemy shooting it.

Revised damage - I'd rather see parts getting shredded and almost unusable, than fly off at the first hit.


And no turbulence sound at low speed that I hear while rolling on the ground, please :rolleyes:


And an FM-calculator for folks here to play with :biggrin:

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I would like snowfall. That would be nice. But you know what would be cool? The ability to bail out at low speed and altitude. You just may survive.


"Lt. Ace Pilot is badly wounded and unfit for combat. Partial success. The campaign is finished."

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Targets of opportunity such as troops formations, wagon trains, etc.


A flyable Zeppelin.


Ability to use Zepp's and other aircraft in campaigns starting from 1916 onward.


Le Prieur rockets!


Yours, Mike

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AI any Taube airplane (Gotha,Rumpler,Aviatik etc )

AI old Bleriot planes (IX...)

AI DH 4 or 9

Flyable Sopwith Strutter

and Zepp with guns ,durability, bombs

Thx all modders who in future make this planes ! :clapping:

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Thanks to everyone who's replied thus far; there've been some brilliant suggestions, and I do hope that someone at Third Wire reads this thread.


My own wishes - at the moment - would probably be as follows:


1. More flyable planes, where applicable with gunner/observer 'jump to'. That'd make two seaters interesting.


2. More non-flyables, for increased character to the game. I'd love to see a Voisen or two, plus Brandenburgs and more. I bet that would spur modellers on!


3. Earlier planes wouldn't harm. Let a new player evolve as the fledgling airforces did - I'm sure there's a campaign in there.


4. Put in a library of objects as standard. IL2 managed it; it's only a small addition, and would help reflect all the research that surely must have been undertaken for FE. Show off and benefit from it.


5. Have a truly dynamic campaign. Having played FE and compared it (inevitably, I hear you groan) with RB3D, one of the best features of RB3D was the dynamic campaign. I adored the ability to switch squadrons, but there was a real sense of achievement in surviving the war with X kills, plus the logbook where you could actually revel in those sorties where you'd bagged a Hun/Tommy. Not to underestimated, given that player immersion and suspension of reality is what games like FE are ultimately about. I mean, if you wanted to fly a Camel that bad, you'd buy one.


6. More gradual - but noticeable - damage. Perhaps I've missed something by not buying EP1 (yet), but I've found that it's easy to be bobbing along without various bits of plane and not really notice. This could, I concede, be me, so that might be in abeyance.


7. Rockets! Yes! Please God!


8. Here's one I've yet to see: squadrons where there is a mix of aircraft. This wasn't that unusual in WWI, and would add greatly to the atmosphere and possibilities (although I'm sure the coding would be a bugger). You're in a DH2 squadron but don't fancy getting minced up by the nasty Albatros IIIs and Pfaltzs? OK, talk the CO into letting you loose in that Nieuport 17 over there.


9. That's all for now.


10. Err. I think.


Thanks for reading - particularly if you're a ThirdWire bod!

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