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  1. Very nice to see this updates for Airships. Do you planed make (create) this precise FM's for other non/semi rigid Airships from Stephens1918 pack ? Especially for italian M class . Thank you for your continuing updates job.
  2. Taube with rifleman

    Whiteknigt 06604 thank you very much for alternative FM for unarmed Taube. Hergr
  3. Taube with rifleman

    A demand for FM masters. Its possible to create new-alternativ-FM for excelent Stephens Taube ? Without rifleman-only two pilots (using hidden tricks) and armed (only) with 4 or 6 grenades ? Thanks a lot. HerGr
  4. What do we need?

    Any German (or Austrian) airplane seen in frontline service at august 1914.No one now included in FE (yes Fok. M7/BI,Lloyd CII-but it is early 1915 planes...)
  5. Today before 100 years. 5.october 1914 9:30 French pilot Joseph Frantz with his gunner Quénault achieve first aerial victory in world history. They shot down german biplane Aviatik B (B114/14) near Reims.
  6. Italian Front (WIP)

    Thx gterl for very nice terrain and campaign. Now we "call" honored Capitaine Vengeur for creating Austro-Hungarian and ww 1 italian medal.
  7. Aces Migs 2

    Mig-15bis TW&Mig-17F TW
  8. Aces Migs 1

    Mig-15bis TW&Mig-17F TW
  9. Plane requests

    I intercede for this planes German: Taube-any type Aviatik or Albatros B. French: Bleriot XI Caudron G.3 Russian: Ilya Muromets yes and any flying boat used by RNAS: Curtiss H-12 Large America maybe Short 184
  10. Pravda o střelách vzduch-vzduch / PLŘS

    Já, HerGr dne 26. července 2010 vyjadřuji svůj souhlas s iniciativou Pravda o PLŘS.
  11. Ruské střely / zbraně

    Byl bych pro tento podpisový topic.Klidně ho založ rád přidám svůj podpis.
  12. Freespace Jean Hougron´s Le signe du chien /Sign of Dog/-very nice :Rhunk´s,Nivelator class battleships,Hadien commander etc..
  13. McCudden Se5a



    This skin presented Se5a B 4891 from 56 Sqn flown by Capt. James McCudden /56 kills/.This plane flown McCudden in early 1918 at Baizieux aerodrome.

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