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missileobject.dll error at WOV start up, please help!

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I just installed WOV and it ran just fine. I noticed that the boxed version is later than both the SP1 and patch versions so I assume my version is he latest. Strangely the version listed in the properties of the exe is7.26.4.0 but the version shown on the lower left of screen when the program ran was a version 9.


Now I added some of the popular MODs:


The "Weapons pack"


Deuces Exhaust, WOV terrain, enhanced explosions


Polaks sky and sea mods.


I went to start and the application failed.


related to "missileobject.dll", I suspect it has to do with the enhanced explosions or weapons pack I installed?


please see my attached screen shots.


Any help would be greately appreciated.



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Interesting, because as I said, the boxed version I just got is a version 9.xxxx but the exe file is version 7.xxx.

I'll try repatching with the 8.xxxxx.


Thanks :good:



You nned to use this patch.....




as yours is not the latest.


Yes the weps pack is affecting it as since you are not pached up fully you are getting that error.

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I'll do the version 8 patch. if all else fails I'll do a reinstall and start over- ug.


I do have the lates Dir X


By deleting the weapons folder, maybe??? :dntknw:



kevin stein

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