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Anyone thought to do an African campaign? Besides the Madagascar campaign I know of no others.

Southern Africa has some interesting possibilities eg South Africa /Angola/Cuba in the 1980's and some great potential for

"What if" scenarios, between South Africa, Rhodesia against the various colonies, Rebels and Rebel host countries eg, Zambia,Botswana, Mozambique, Angola

Could even involve the Portugese etc.


This would give access to some interesting aircraft for use in a totally different theatre besides the usual European and Middle East conflicts.

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I just made a campaign centered around the gorshkov carrier; russian mercenary fleet with su-27. mig-29ovt and yak41 off shore of madagascar, and hired for anti shipping purposes in african warlord skirmishes. many ant-ship missions, and opponet flies mig-29A and mig-23ML;

Campaing works, needs a readme, some basescreens and txt for the various squadrons, etc; just some backgorund and cosetics; If someone is interested I will post

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<<Anyone thought to do an African campaign? Besides the Madagascar campaign I know of no others.

Southern Africa>> Yes. Some information follows:


"The war was one of the most prominent Cold War conflicts"...BBC


"Cuban pilots, East German pilots and perhaps even some Soviet pilots might have been involved" (ACIG website).


The Russians even had a general leading campaigns: "General Konstantin Shagnovich decided to take over

command of all Angolan and allied forces."


"A closer look at Soviet strategy of the 1970s helps to understand why the situation in Angola took a turn for the worse before it degenerated into an all-out civil war. In 1975, the west relied heavily on the Middle East for its oil requirements, but as the Suez Canal had been closed to traffic since the Six-Day War (or had become too narrow for modern tankers), traffic had to skirt the Cape of Good Hope, the air and waters around which were practically controlled by the Soviets and their allies from their African bases, Soviet bombers TU-95 Bears and TU-l 6 Badgers - presented a serious threat to the sea routes."


"Without question, the Soviets would have derived invaluable strategic and economic advantages from a take-over of South Africa as, further to getting hold of Pretoria's fantastic gold reserves, they could also lay their hands on the mineral wealth of southern Africa as a whole. As a western political observer put it when commenting on Soviet expansion in Africa: 'From Cape Town, the Soviets will, in the long run, gradually control the policy of Europe and preside over its destiny like they're doing in Finland.'"...Ouch.


"Apparently unconcerned, Europe looked the other

way, ignoring Lenin's prediction 'We’ll sneak in

through the African back door."



I don't know if I'll finish it, but I have been working on a "Bushwars" campaign using a new terrain ("AfricanBush") and representing the area between Luena, Angola and the border of Namibia ("Southwest Africa") to the South and not using ocean for the 1980s. It involves the Mirage F-1 with a modified Super Etendard cockpit and a modified Impala II.


...I could use other experts help to modify both aircraft: ...ie.


To modify the Super Etendard cockpit by placing of the horizon situation indicator more to the center, and getting rid of a master arm switch... and reducing the Impala II's external canopy length. I could also use some more SAAF camo Mirage F1 skins.


Heck, I could use help on the terrain too, I might need an ocean added...right now, I have it so concentrated that it only includes areas away from the ocean...still such a huge area that both sides' aircraft correctly have their low fuel warning lights on during many missions.


Edit: I formerly misspelled Luena.

Edited by ordway

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