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After 30 years of delay in buy military equipments....

now something can go ahed if Politics with peanut Brain doesnt stop the negotiations :s



The minister Nelson Jobim today disembarks in Moscow for the second phase of international its turnê for the defense market. He takes in maleta a proposal that promises to take off the sleep of nobody little que… Hugo Chávez. It is that the cupolas of the Kremlin and Plateaus negotiate in secret the installation in Brazilian territory of an industrial park for maintenance of the Russian huntings of combat e, possibly, helicopters. The same ones that caudilho Venezuelan has acquired, to the sets of ten, with its petrodollars. Chávez spent USS 3 billion in 24 Sukhoi Su-30MK2 and 33 armored helicopters of attack, also the powerful Mi-35. But the agreement was mere commercial and it did not include technology exchange. If closed the business with the government Squid, Chávez will be obliged to make the maintenance of its aircraft in Brazil. In the words of a diplomat, “ele will come to eat in ours mãos”.


Never before in history this país… if it had possibility so good to guarantee strategical superiority in relation to Venezuela, with incredible being able of containment of the bolivarianas estripulias. The Russians had thought about mounting its Venezuelan industrial apparatus back in ground, but they toparam with two problems: the lack of specialized man power and one consumes unnecessary (and extremely risky) with U.S.A. — a species of new edition of the crisis of the missiles in Cuba, 1962.


For effect of the new program of Brazilian reaparelhamento (F-X2), the Russians keep offer of technology transfer from the purchase of 36 Sukhoi-35 devices. Also the participation of Russian program PAK-FA T-50, an airplane of combat of 5 is analyzedª generation, that already counts on the participation of India. For Squid, the partnership with the Russians is to complement to the strategical alliance with France. While the production of Cougar helicopters with trust EADS calms the powerful lobby of the Embraer, the business with the Russian airplanes satisfies the command of the BAF. The Navy will have its submarines and the Army, its tank, is of Paris or Moscow. The more diversification, greater the autonomy of the country.



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