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Is there a fix for the F4U-4 prop problem in Korean air war mod?

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Does any one know if there is a fix for the prop problem on the F4U-4 in the other wise very good Korean Air War Mod.


Apparently the F4U-4 model was a beta. I have tried substituting the original file for an other F4U which works ok, but I then tried adding the original skins to the substituted F4U they won't show but they are listed on the loadout screen.


Now, I don't know squat about skinning for SFP1 as I have only ever skinned for LFS and Rfactor but the one thing I found strange is that the original F4U-4 had 5 bitmaps per skin whereas the substituted F4U only had 1.


Now to be honest I don't really mind which way I fix this so if any one has ideas on how to fix either of these problems it would be very much appreciated.



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2 different models with 2 different skin mapping, therefore incompatable with each other.


Are you speaking of my -4 mod, using Wolf257's -1 as the base, vs the MF's Corsairs??? Completley different. Although their cockpit is MUCH nicer, and easily usable


Which one has the prop prob?? Wolf's works fine for me...and I'm not familiar with the MF's version





kevin stein

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...and I'm not familiar with the MF's version


Say what?


IMHO the best Corsair model available. I have to admit, though, that it took me awhile to get used to its prop animation...


It makes flying (and not to mention air-to-mud work) at low speeds a bit tricky.


Also, could somebody explain to me why this magnificent aircraft (and its French relative, the F4U-7) isn't uploaded here at Combatace? :dntknw:

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Blimey, that was quick!


The problem with the stock F4U-4 that came with the mod is that the prop does not show up once rotating. I have screen shots but being thick I can't figure out how to add them to the post.


The other F4U I tried was Wrench's VFM-58 F4U Corsair pak. this worked fine but as I said I couldn't add the skins from the stock F4U-4.


I take it that if I use a different Corsair it will screw up the campaigns.


Many Thanks.

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You can add screen shots to your post as an attachment. Just like I did.


Besides, any campaign can edited to include additional types of aircrafts...and it's not that difficult at all.

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