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Hello dear fellow members,


I would appreciate it is anybody can point me in the direction of finding

templates for the MiG-15(UTI), MiG-23, MiG-27, MiG-29

and Su-17/-22, Su-27. I am planning to make a heap of special

one-off skins for these birds but only have templates for the more common


Instead of a link in the direction I also appreciate it if you sent me yours.

Upon uploading a new skin, proper credits will be given of course.



Thanks in advance,



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for the mig-15, mig-23(3rdpartie) & the Mig-29 you may contact

the guys who had done this cool birds.


for the su-17 you may ask Marcelo (marcfighter)


and for the stock woe MiG-23 you should contact TK @ thirdwire forum.

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A quick look a the bmp for the 15bis and 15UTi, show the wing and tail identically mapped.


The body is different for the UTI, and it adds the 'nose.bmp'. Looks like the canopy and extra stuff for the 2 seater is there.


There's always the long way...make a new template from the existing bmps. Lots of time consuming, eye-crossing work, but then you'll have a template to work off of. (I should know!!! I've made a few of 'em!!)



kevin stein

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