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I couldnt find the answer to this in the KB.


Would it be possible to create a custom view and attach it to the canopy, kinda like the weapon view, then replace the stock ejection view with this view so that when you eject you are actually falling instead of hanging in place?


Just an idea i had and wondered if it was possible.



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Isn't there already an EjectView parameter? Try using that instead of Flyby or whatever is in there.


In my experience, you can't have the camera latch onto something besides the aircraft or a weapon for it to fire. Probably your best bet if you wanted a genuine eject view is to make the pilot a weapon that is fired when he ejects and the camera would latch onto the weapon. That way, you could even make it from the pilot's viewpoint (however, you wouldn't be able to see the ejection seat or anything) or have it as a sort of chase view where you can actually see the seat and the pilot.


I'm thinking ahead here, but you could also even add a parachute animation and have green or red smoke as the explosion when he lands (sort of like the paratroopers in the C6 megapack). :yes:

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Only thing is that when you eject, the mission closes and goes to debrief screen.


I have tried to change this but haven't been able to.


Have you, perhaps, found a way to fix this? I hope!

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