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  1. Well, there you go. I forgot OP was referring to KAW. Perhaps a well populated terrain. Thanks for the better answer.
  2. I have a very basic laptop that plays SF2 quite well on high/unlimited graphics. Usually gets about 20fps which occasionally drops to 15fps but I have had furballs, over 20 jets nearby, with smooth framrates. Acer Spin SP111-33, Celeron N400, 4Gb ram, onboard graphics (Intel UHD Graphics 600). So maybe something not quite right on your system or with your SF install.
  3. No answer yet but probably found the answer. After some searching I found that to play as mercenary in any SF2 title (Vietnam, Israel, etc) then must have original SF2 installed. So it seems likely that playing mercenary in any SF2 theatre, the game will use SF2 code for mercenary squadrons. SF2 will NOT do loadouts automatically for all the squadron aircraft. I have SF2 + Europe + Israel. Has anyone with merged install played as Merc?
  4. If I use the campaign customiser and select Mercenary, will the loadouts for squadron members be selected automatically (as happens when flying for government squadrons) or will I still need to select each aircraft's loadouts? I prefer to fly as merc but I don't like having to select loadouts for 8 or so aircraft. I am considering buying the campaign customiser.
  5. Yep, I set the export to enemy as false; thanks to Menrva for noting that specific ini. Thank you all for helpful info.
  6. Aha! Thanks Menrva. If that's the case I think I'll do some ini edits. So glad it's not a bug or my laptop. Good one, Bazillius, however I can't read Dhimari?
  7. Vanilla install of SF2 is assigning MIG 19 squadron to Dhimar in Single Mission games. I initially noticed this after installing SF2 Expansion 2 and the RealSky mod with some ini edits: I don't think either caused the issue, just that I didn't notice before. I uninstalled and just installed SF2 with not mods, only control ini edits but still happens - about every 1 in 4 single missions. I have then uninstalled and run registry cleaner but still happens. The Migs act as friendly and if I shoot them then I get a friendly fire warning. The pc has never had the game installed previously (I have not played it for at least 5 years - had Thirdwire sims from SF Gold). Acer Spin 111-33 Celeron N4000 Intel UHD graphics 600 This laptop runs SF2 well; 20fps with high/unlimited graphics settings.
  8. Yes, I thought there was probably no mod for map view after death - otherwise it would already have been done. With retaining fov AND view angle when switching between cockpit & lock view, I'll have to experiment some more. Thanks for your replies.
  9. Is there a mod so the inflight map function is retained after my pilot has died? I've searched SF 1 & 2 forums and found no posts on this subject. I like to watch the action after my demise and it would be helpful to view the map to see which friendlies are engaged (it's not always easy to tell in the various aircraft views). With the map view I could see the flight's number. Thanks P.S. Also is it possible to mod viewlist ini so that FOV is maintained when switching between cockpit view & lock view (ie I have zoomed in on an enemy in lock view and I want to maintain same FOV when I switch to cockpit view).
  10. That's the stick I've been using for 5 years or so! It feels great and can have many controls mapped to the buttons on the actual stick and the hat. I have posted my controls ini below the overview of my setup. Let me know what you think and any changes you may recommend. Logitech & Mouse overview: I use a mouse in the left hand to look around, mouse wheel for zoom & airbrake, L/R buttons control thrust. Most of the commonly used pilot/combat controls and view/target controls are on the actual stick. The trigger button is for cannons & the thumb button is for bombs/missiles/rockets. The four topside buttons do weapon select, lock target, padlock view & rear view. The hat switch changes cockpit view and selects air targets & ground targets - also allows to change views (target view, player to target view, target to player view). I have tried to map actions in a fairly logical manner and divided the stick as left side is for air targets/weapons, right side is for ground targets/weapons. So similar functions are grouped on buttons using CTRL+ & SHFT+ . So each of the top buttons and the 4 directions on the hat switch can have 3 actions. With this setup I can keep my hands mostly on the stick & mouse while piloting, navigating and combat. With this setup I use TAB to turn on radar and change radar mode. The Q/W, A/S, Z/X buttons are used in pairs to change radar distance, select radar target, lock/unlock radar target. The buttons on the base are for gear up/down, flaps up/down. wheel brakes. There are 6 buttons on the base but I have only set the previous mentioned actions. Radio commands are on keyboard and also third person views, eg next object, fly-by view, tower view, action view. My controls ini - it has been named Logitech. [DeviceName] JOYSTICK01=Logitech Extreme 3D [1] [ControlSet001] EXIT_FLIGHT=SHIFT+ESCAPE QUIT_GAME=CTRL+Q PAUSE_FLIGHT=PAUSE TIME_COMPRESSION=PGUP NORMAL_TIME=PGDN CHANGE_TIME=END SKIP_TO_NEXT=INSERT RADIO_COMM=GRAVE CHAT_ALL= CHAT_ENEMY=SHIFT+GRAVE CHAT_FRIENDLY=CTRL+GRAVE CHAT_TARGET=ALT+GRAVE AUTO_PILOT=SHIFT+A WING_LEVELER=SPACE NEXT_WAYPOINT=HOME PREV_WAYPOINT=SHIFT+W MAP=M SCREEN_SHOT=PRINTSCREEN DEBUG_TOGGLE=I GOTO_COCKPIT_FRONT_VIEW= GOTO_COCKPIT_WIDE_VIEW=JOYSTICK01_POV01_UP GOTO_COCKPIT_GUNSIGHT_VIEW=SHIFT+JOYSTICK01_POV01_UP GOTO_COCKPIT_UP_VIEW=SHIFT+F1 GOTO_VIEW_PADLOCK=JOYSTICK01_BUTTON04 TOGGLE_COCKPIT=NUMPADPERIOD SNAP_VIEW_FRONT=NUMPAD8 SNAP_VIEW_FRONT_RIGHT=NUMPAD9 SNAP_VIEW_RIGHT=NUMPAD6 SNAP_VIEW_REAR_RIGHT=NUMPAD3 SNAP_VIEW_REAR_LEFT=NUMPAD1 SNAP_VIEW_LEFT=NUMPAD4 SNAP_VIEW_FRONT_LEFT=NUMPAD7 SNAP_VIEW_UP=NUMPAD5 SNAP_VIEW_DOWN=NUMPAD0 GOTO_VIEW_SHOULDER=F5 GOTO_CHECK_SIX_VIEW=JOYSTICK01_BUTTON03 GOTO_VIEW_OBJECT_NEXT=F1 GOTO_VIEW_OBJECT_PREV=F2 GOTO_VIEW_GROUND_OBJECT_NEXT=F7 GOTO_VIEW_GROUND_OBJECT_PREV=SHIFT+F7 GOTO_VIEW_TARGET=SHIFT+JOYSTICK01_POV01_DOWN GOTO_VIEW_PLAYER_TO_TARGET=JOYSTICK01_POV01_DOWN GOTO_VIEW_TARGET_TO_PLAYER=CTRL+JOYSTICK01_POV01_DOWN GOTO_VIEW_WEAPON=F8 GOTO_VIEW_PLAYER_TO_WEAPON=SHIFT+F9 GOTO_VIEW_WEAPON_TO_PLAYER=CTRL+F9 GOTO_VIEW_FLYBY=F3 GOTO_VIEW_FLYBY_PREV=F4 GOTO_VIEW_TOWER=F10 GOTO_VIEW_TOWER_PREV=F11 GOTO_VIEW_ACTION_CAM=F12 GOTO_FREE_VIEW=K CAMERA_PITCH_UP=ALT+UPARROW CAMERA_PITCH_DOWN=ALT+DOWNARROW CAMERA_YAW_RIGHT=ALT+RIGHTARROW CAMERA_YAW_LEFT=ALT+LEFTARROW CAMERA_ZOOM_IN=UPARROW CAMERA_ZOOM_OUT=DOWNARROW CAMERA_PITCH_AXIS=MOUSE_Y-AXIS CAMERA_YAW_AXIS=MOUSE_X-AXIS CAMERA_ZOOM_CONTROL=MOUSE_Z-AXIS PITCH_UP= PITCH_DOWN= ROLL_RIGHT=RIGHTARROW ROLL_LEFT=LEFTARROW YAW_RIGHT=PERIOD YAW_LEFT=COMMA THROTTLE_UP=MOUSE_BUTTON02 THROTTLE_DOWN=MOUSE_BUTTON01 THRUST_VECTOR_UP=CTRL+EQUALS THRUST_VECTOR_DOWN=CTRL+MINUS FLAPS_DOWN=JOYSTICK01_BUTTON11 FLAPS_UP=JOYSTICK01_BUTTON12 AIRBRAKES_TOGGLE=MOUSE_BUTTON03 WHEELBRAKES_TOGGLE=JOYSTICK01_BUTTON10 LANDING_GEARS_TOGGLE=JOYSTICK01_BUTTON09 ARRESTER_HOOK_TOGGLE=H CYCLE_NAV_LIGHT=L ENGINE_TOGGLE=E DRAG_CHUTE=CTRL+B EJECT=APPS PITCH_CONTROL=JOYSTICK01_Y-AXIS YAW_CONTROL=JOYSTICK01_Z-ROTATION ROLL_CONTROL=JOYSTICK01_X-AXIS THROTTLE_CONTROL=JOYSTICK01_U-AXIS THRUST_VECTOR_CONTROL= NEXT_AA_WEAPONS=JOYSTICK01_BUTTON05 PREV_AA_WEAPONS=SHIFT+BACKSPACE NEXT_AG_WEAPONS=JOYSTICK01_BUTTON06 PREV_AG_WEAPONS=SHIFT+BACKSLASH FIRE_PRIMARY_GUN=JOYSTICK01_BUTTON01 FIRE_SECONDARY_GUN= FIRE_WEAPON=JOYSTICK01_BUTTON02 OPEN_BOMBBAY_DOOR=CTRL+O DROP_TANKS=CTRL+F JETTISON_STORES=CTRL+W NEXT_RIPPLE_QUANTITY=RBRACKET PREV_RIPPLE_QUANTITY=SHIFT+RBRACKET NEXT_RIPPLE_INTERVAL=LBRACKET PREV_RIPPLE_INTERVAL=SHIFT+LBRACKET NEXT_HUD_MODE=APOSTROPHE PREV_HUD_MODE=CTRL+JOYSTICK01_BUTTON03 NEXT_GUNGROUP=SEMICOLON PREV_GUNGROUP=SHIFT+SEMICOLON CHAFF=C FLARE=B ECM_TOGGLE=V TOGGLE_RADAR=CTRL+PGUP NEXT_RADAR_MODE=TAB PREV_RADAR_MODE=SHIFT+PGUP NEXT_RADAR_RANGE=W PREV_RADAR_RANGE=Q SELECT_NEXT_RADAR_TARGET=S SELECT_PREV_RADAR_TARGET=A ACQUIRE_RADAR_TARGET=X ACQUIRE_VISUAL_TARGET_ON_RADAR=SHIFT+INSERT REJECT_RADAR_TARGET=Z SELECT_CLOSEST_CENTER=NUMPADSTAR SELECT_TARGET=CTRL+JOYSTICK01_POV01_LEFT SELECT_PREV_TARGET=SHIFT+JOYSTICK01_POV01_LEFT SELECT_CLOSEST_TARGET=JOYSTICK01_POV01_LEFT SELECT_FRIENDLY=Y SELECT_PREV_FRIENDLY=SHIFT+Y SELECT_CLOSEST_FRIENDLY=CTRL+Y SELECT_GROUND=CTRL+JOYSTICK01_POV01_RIGHT SELECT_PREV_GROUND=SHIFT+JOYSTICK01_POV01_RIGHT SELECT_CLOSEST_GROUND=JOYSTICK01_POV01_RIGHT SELECT_LAST_RADIO=R SELECT_LAST_RADIO_CALLER=SHIFT+R SELECT_RADAR_TARGET=CTRL+JOYSTICK01_POV01_UP SELECT_WAYPOINT= DESELECT_TARGET= ANIMATION_1=SHIFT+1 ANIMATION_2=SHIFT+2 ANIMATION_3=SHIFT+3 ANIMATION_4=SHIFT+4 ANIMATION_5=SHIFT+5 ANIMATION_6=SHIFT+6 ANIMATION_7=SHIFT+7 ANIMATION_8=SHIFT+8 ANIMATION_9=SHIFT+9 ANIMATION_10=SHIFT+0 [RangedControl001] AxisControl=PITCH_CONTROL MaxValue=1000.000000 MinValue=-1000.000000 DeadZone=10.000000 Saturation=100.000000 ReverseJoystick=TRUE MouseScale=1.000000 UseMouseRate=FALSE ReverseMouse=FALSE LimitValue=TRUE SelfCenterRate=2.000000 KeyControlRate=1.000000 AllowKeyControl=TRUE IncreaseControl=PITCH_DOWN DecreaseControl=PITCH_UP CenterControl= [RangedControl002] AxisControl=YAW_CONTROL MaxValue=1000.000000 MinValue=-1000.000000 DeadZone=10.000000 Saturation=100.000000 ReverseJoystick=FALSE MouseScale=1.000000 UseMouseRate=FALSE ReverseMouse=FALSE LimitValue=TRUE SelfCenterRate=2.000000 KeyControlRate=1.000000 AllowKeyControl=TRUE IncreaseControl=YAW_RIGHT DecreaseControl=YAW_LEFT CenterControl= [RangedControl003] AxisControl=ROLL_CONTROL MaxValue=1000.000000 MinValue=-1000.000000 DeadZone=10.000000 Saturation=100.000000 ReverseJoystick=FALSE MouseScale=1.000000 UseMouseRate=FALSE ReverseMouse=FALSE LimitValue=TRUE SelfCenterRate=2.000000 KeyControlRate=1.000000 AllowKeyControl=TRUE IncreaseControl=ROLL_RIGHT DecreaseControl=ROLL_LEFT CenterControl= [RangedControl004] AxisControl=THROTTLE_CONTROL MaxValue=1000.000000 MinValue=0.000000 DeadZone=0.000000 Saturation=100.000000 ReverseJoystick=TRUE MouseScale=0.600000 UseMouseRate=FALSE ReverseMouse=FALSE LimitValue=TRUE SelfCenterRate=0.000000 KeyControlRate=0.600000 AllowKeyControl=TRUE IncreaseControl=THROTTLE_UP DecreaseControl=THROTTLE_DOWN CenterControl= [RangedControl005] AxisControl=CAMERA_PITCH_AXIS MaxValue=1000.000000 MinValue=-1000.000000 DeadZone=10.000000 Saturation=100.000000 ReverseJoystick=FALSE MouseScale=0.200000 UseMouseRate=TRUE ReverseMouse=FALSE LimitValue=FALSE SelfCenterRate=50.000000 KeyControlRate=2.000000 AllowKeyControl=TRUE IncreaseControl=CAMERA_PITCH_DOWN DecreaseControl=CAMERA_PITCH_UP CenterControl= [RangedControl006] AxisControl=CAMERA_YAW_AXIS MaxValue=1000.000000 MinValue=-1000.000000 DeadZone=10.000000 Saturation=100.000000 ReverseJoystick=FALSE MouseScale=0.250000 UseMouseRate=TRUE ReverseMouse=FALSE LimitValue=FALSE SelfCenterRate=50.000000 KeyControlRate=2.500000 AllowKeyControl=TRUE IncreaseControl=CAMERA_YAW_RIGHT DecreaseControl=CAMERA_YAW_LEFT CenterControl= [RangedControl007] AxisControl=CAMERA_ZOOM_CONTROL MaxValue=1000.000000 MinValue=-1000.000000 DeadZone=0.000000 Saturation=100.000000 ReverseJoystick=FALSE MouseScale=9.000000 UseMouseRate=FALSE ReverseMouse=FALSE LimitValue=FALSE SelfCenterRate=100.000000 KeyControlRate=8.000000 AllowKeyControl=TRUE IncreaseControl=CAMERA_ZOOM_IN DecreaseControl=CAMERA_ZOOM_OUT CenterControl= [RangedControl008] AxisControl=THRUST_VECTOR_CONTROL MaxValue=1000.000000 MinValue=0.000000 DeadZone=0.000000 Saturation=100.000000 ReverseJoystick=TRUE MouseScale=1.000000 UseMouseRate=FALSE ReverseMouse=FALSE LimitValue=TRUE SelfCenterRate=0.000000 KeyControlRate=1.000000 AllowKeyControl=TRUE IncreaseControl=THRUST_VECTOR_UP DecreaseControl=THRUST_VECTOR_DOWN CenterControl= Note: The above is last line of my Logitech ini (do not copy this line)
  11. Thanks Piecemeal. Mods was true and deleting the naval line did not help. Any other suggestions? AND does anyone run Desert 4 with the mountains addon but without SF2:NA?
  12. A simple "Why did you change the folder name?'' type of reply would have been more appropriate not your flabbergasted amazement. I changed the name because SF2 would not use the terrain when I left the name as Desert4 (this was implied in my initial statement but probably I should have been more specific). SF2 will only use Piecemeal's terrain when the folder's named is changed to DESERT - but then it will not use the Moutain Region addon. I have deleted and reinstalled but not success. My install of SF2 was just recently downloaded from TW site so is up-to-date. The only edits have been to huddata & viewlist ini's (no addons or other mods at all). So any help would still be appreciated Piecemeal. Does anybody else playing SF2, without SF:AN installed, use this terrain (with or without the Mountain addon)?
  13. I have SF2 July 2013 clean install. I installed Piecemeal's Desert 4 terrain as per the readme. However I had to change the name of the terrain folder to Desert (delete V4 from the name) to get it to be used by the game. Could this be due to not have SF:NA installed as recommended. My main problem is that I tried to install the Desert 4 Mountain Regions + addons, by Centurion1 BUT I cannot get the game to use it. I have tried some basic editing of options ini - including with the terrain folder being named Desert & Desert4. I would prefer not having SF:NA installed - already have 3 titles and play SF2 90% of the time. Any help would be great.
  14. OR deleting nations. I delete all nations and enter in only 2 - Dhimar & Paran (Desert scenario nations). Then all my aircraft are either nation.

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