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F6F-5 Hellcat

F6F-5 Hellcat mod for SF/WoV/WoE - WW2 PTO Installs


This is a modifcation of Razor/Geo's F6F-3 'Hellcat' into the -5 used by the US Navy and Marine Corps in the Pacific during 1943-45. I call this a 'representative' -5, as it is based on the -3, and still has the rear cockpit windows, which would not be present on the later -5 'represented' here.


This is a semi-complete aircraft mod, including all the necessary parts, =excepting= the aircraft LOD, to recreate the standard -5 day fighter-bomber . You =WILL= have to copy the "F6F.LOD" from your original Hellcat's folder to this one. It's highly reccomened you have the original, plus any weapons it adds, in you PTO install.


The cockpit is also NOT included, but a new gunsight and cockpit ini is, so you'll need to copy over the -3's cockpit as well. See 'Installation" below...


The skin is brand new, from a template created by me, based off the original tri-color that came with the -3 Hellcat. It represents's Hellcats from VF-3 aboard USS YORKTOWN circa early 1945. Weapons stations have been added for the wing-mounted HVARs, as well as the usual bombs and drop tank original built into the -3. My Hellcat Hangar and Loading screens have been included.


It is also NOT designed to be used in a WW2 style install of WoI, as WoI handles propeller aircraft -completely- differently, and they do NOT fly properly. You've been warned....


I've included Geo' original readme, please give it a look over. Remember: you MUST have the original F6F-3 Hellcat available at his site:


Geo's Aircraft:





You know what ya gotta do...read the enclosed readme for all kinds of informative goodnes! The best part, is it's non-fattening, non-alcholic, lowers cholesteral, is high in fiber and generally fun!! :rofl:



Wrench, The

kevin stien


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