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Hotkeys for view AI launched weapons

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Since I remapped all my keys, you have to find the stock key yourself, cos I don't know it.


Its either in the manual, or you can find it by looking through the CUSTOM control setup menu, already setup, or if not, you have to set it up yourself before it can be use.


Others may have better ideas for this.

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Hi Lexx,


Good to hear from you again.


Just now I am trying to mount AGM-84A onto the B-57B. I can mount it on. But I can't fire it!! It requires a target before I can fire. I mean everything is so strictly setup in this game. Quite difficult to do what you want to do in this game even you know how to hack the INI files.


Tough! :angry:

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Is there a hotkey for viewing weapons launched by an AI aircraft?


I don't think there is a key for this.


Except that you can hit 'Last radio target' when someone calls out a missile launch (AA or SAM)... then hit the Target-to-Player key to view that object.


This can be a waste of time unless the missile is launched on you.




If guided missile is launched on you, you will know because RWR will be sounding.


If it's IR missile then just use check6 to verify if it's coming up your pipe.

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