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adding gun pod in WOV vampaogn

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Hi all,


I'm trying to make little tweaks in Rolling Thunder campaign in WOV.


I already checked the knowledge base forum and i learned to make a duplicato of the campaign, then extract .dat files.


I added a squadron (VF 111 Sundowners equipped with F4 Bs).


Now is starting my problem:


I want to make available in the campaign loeadout screen the Suu 23 gun pod


I added this entry





but when i start the campaign the pod is not available.


What i do wrong?


I use the default weapons and the suu23 is available in single mission loadout screen, but not in my tweaked campaign.


thank U for advices


Alessandro "TBear" Casadio

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I replaced Sundowners with Iron Angles flying Furies (Carrier based F86 - upgrading later to Sea Vixen in 1966).


I got the problem as well, with weapons not showing up but they usually appear during the next mission. Try playing a mission, then see if the weapons you are looking for appears. If it does not, check the years the Su23 was used.

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You know that none of the carrier-based Phantoms carried the gunpods in SEA, right??? There were some saftey issues during landings...


I'm sure someone can fill in some more details....


Land based Marine units, OTH, may have



kevin stein

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