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Well, I'm back.

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Wow. I thought it will take me longer.


My PC showed signs of giving up on me two weeks ago. :deadhorse:


I went to Eilat for the PassOver holyday and from there I have posted my last post.


I was quit sure I was going to have to reformat my PC and looked at about a month with no talking to any of you guys.


An hour ago My little boy Nir called me and said: Dad come look, The PC is showing signs of life. :wheelchair:


I saw The PC has given me a possibility of making a reconstruction of windows to an earlier date.


(I didn't see this up till now.) :rofl:


So. no matter. It feels good to be back, my good friends. :good::drinks:

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Nice to see you again my good friends . Nikky, yuri, LP. :good:


Nikky, I guess one thing in life is sure. ANY LIFE. The end of it.


Well, we only live once, let us all make the best of it. :good:

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Wait, you left? :biggrin:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


No,no. but my PC gave me a Kick in the butt and I had a hard time sitting on it for two weeks. :biggrin::rofl:

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