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FS and WWI. My point of view

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Ok, finally get WW1 addon working on FS: SDOE, tried a bit and want to express my point of view, so maybe I will be corrected or we can discuss some of the points.

WW1 addon is excellent, lots of models some of them really cool to try like the Avro the Jenny or the Albatros seaplane, nice FM and cool features like the crewable gunners. Terrains are ok too, some better than others but more or less all working ok

Now about the game, maybe is just me but have some problems with the game itself I believe. For example, no time compression or time warp ( Maybe is just me ), is a bit boring to fly all the time with one of those really slow planes.

Not easy to find the enemy in the air, it seems that you can padlock but there's no indicator of where the enemy is ala Il2 map or SF series arrows. No idea of how you should fly the plane and use the gunners at the same time. Also, how I attack enemy planes in the Erla taube??

If someone can help me with this, maybe I can enjoy the game a bit more

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In Bleriot your hand with the pistol is actually a gunner (aims by itself but shoots on pressing fire). In Taube you have a guy in front who can either shoot forward or stand and fire backwards if you press G.

I asked once how to force gunner to aim at something in particular (I wanted ground targets) and the answer is to switch to his position with F7 and then I think take control of him with F6, press one of the keys to target stuff you need and then go back to pilot's seat and take control of pilot.


If you can't figure out time compression (me too) then fly training missions - all sorts of dogfights, bombing and strafing missions there not far from start points.

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Hello Stratos! Check your PM in a bit for another issue. :)


Thanks for the kind words, I hope I can address your issues:


There is no Time Compression in SDOE or FS-WWI. It simply wasn't built into the simulation and I cannot add it in. The terrains are fairly small however and we try to design missions where the enemy is not too far away.


For the enemy to show on the map, go to Options and General. Then look for the 'Show enemy aircraft on map' option and make sure it is lit. Also, during flight you can press Alt V. This will give you an indicator icon for the enemy aircraft.


When you take over a gunner position, the AI takes over the pilot position and flys the aircraft for you. If the pilot AI seems to not be flying there is probably no waypoints set up for the aircraft. (Like in Hangar missions)


The Taube has a front co-pilot with a revolver. When you get close enough to an enemy aircraft he will target and shoot. If he does not, take control of his position (F7 until you reach his position and then F6) and press the T button. Then go back to the pilot's position (F7) and take it over (F6). The front gunner should now target and shoot when you are in range.



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