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...that back in the 19th century it was possible to harness steam power to produce industrial-strength f***ing machines?


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Smells like hoax, especially for 1891 (the anti-masturbation mass hysteria would only start to die down in the early 20th century and would linger on for quite some time thanks to Anna Freud and her followers), only a few more years and the idea of using masturbation as a treatment for hysteria was starting to gain some real traction, getting some justification for such contraption.


Fun fact, vibrators were actually invented for medical purposes, and fell out of favour when they started being used for non-medical purpose which, as you may imagine, happened quite quickly.


Also, on the prototype seen, the screws (as well as other parts) are too new, belonging more to the 30's to 60's era than late 19th...

IF passed for the "original" prototype, then it's highly probable we see a fake, if it is a reconstruction/restauration, then it's a very shoddy job indeed.


Sounds more like a steam-punk/subgenius thing...

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