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F4U-4B Corsair, Korea Mod

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F4U-4B Corsair, Korea Mod

F4U-4B Corsair -- A mod of the Mirage Factory's F4U-7

For SF/WoV/WoE -ONLY!!!!-


This is a modification of The Mirage Factory's F4U-7 (French Navy version), into the earlier, and almost identical, -4B as used by the US Navy and Marine Corps during the Korea War.

This pak contains -almost- everything you'll need to create this new version, minus a few critical files that you'll need to copy from the original F4U-7. So you MUST have the -7 somewhere to copy them from. If not, you can download it from Check6 (TMF Home Site), Column5 or CombatAce (?)


This is to be considered as an "incomplete" aircraft mod, due to the non-inclusion of certain files. I've NOT included the aircraft LOD files or the cockpit folder. See below "To Install" for a complete list of the necessary parts. This should also be considered as a 'stand-in' aircraft, as TMF is/was working on the -4B model for release at some point. I'm sure their's will be better than this small offering

So, as to soften the blow, I've included 3 new skins, based off the originals, for your use in a Korean Era (or Prop Cold War Gone Hot) type of install.


They are:

VF-53, USS Essex circa 1950

VMA-332, circa 1953

VMF-214, circa 1951


The skins are tweekifcations of existing TMF Corsair skins.


I've included all the inis I've modified, so you'll be copying the minimum number of bits. You'll also get my Korean Corsairs Hangar screen, and a new Pilot figure.


This mod is designed for use with the Bunyap Weapons Pak of 6/06, as it contains all the needed weapons (minus the Corsair drop tank - it comes with the F4U-7).

For those NOT using the Bunyap Weapons Pak, the WW2 bombs needed are included, as is TMF's original F4U drop tank. Just in case. The HVAR rockets are NOT included, as they exist in both the BunyPak and TMFs


=IMPORTANT: This aircraft is designed to be used in SF/WoV/WoE -ONLY-, as WoI has almost competly hosed the WW2-ish propeller plane flight models. If you attempt to use this in WoI, you do so at your own risk of flying 'quite oddly'.


READ the enclosed readme for full, detailed install instructions, plus the usual "Notes & Other Ramblings" section


Happy Hunting!


kevin stein


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