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TBM-3E Avenger, VS-23

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File Name: TBM-3E Avenger, VS-23

File Submitter: Wrench

File Submitted: 19 Jun 2008

File Category: US Navy Aircraft


Grumman TBM-3E Avenger -- A Mod of the Dev A-Team's TBM


For SF/WoV/WoE -ONLY!!!!-


This is a mod of the DAT's TBM-3 Avenger of WW2 fame, into a post-war and Korean Era TMB-3E patrol, anti-sub and general 'go-fer' aircraft. I've set the Mission types to give you Anti-Ship, Recon, Armed Recon and CAS; not sure exactly what other mission they flew, as they were primarily ASW and Fleet picket planes. But this'll give you something else to do, other than fly around turning avgas into noise.


This is to be considered as an "incomplete" aircraft mod, due to the non-inclusion of certain files. I've NOT included the aircraft LOD file or the cockpit folder. See below "To Install" for a complete list of the necessary parts.

You -MUST- have the DAT's TBM-3 to make use of this aircraft, as you'll be coping files over from it.

This mod is designed for use with the Bunyap Weapons Pak of 6/06, as it contains all the needed weapons (minus the new AN/APS-4 under-wing radar pod, included in this package). If attempting to use this aircraft with any other weapons pak, you'll need to add ALL the WW2 era bombs, rockets, etc. They are NOT included in this package.


A new skin from a completly redrawn template, is based on Gramps' original, and represents VS-23 based aboard USS Bairoko (CVE-115) circa 1950. All the panel and rivet lines have been redone, new decals created with 100% historically accurate BuNums. That is to say, the NUMBERS are accurate in that they were used on TBM-3Es, I just don't know exactly which ones were used in VS-23!!!! :)


I've included all the inis I've modified, so you'll be copying the minimum number of bits. You'll also get a new Hangar screen, and a new Pilot figure (the same 'USMC50s' that's included in the F4U-4B mod). You'll also need the "WWIIGunnerCBNavy" for the turret dude; also from the original release. New damage tgas are also included.


=IMPORTANT: This aircraft is designed to be used in SF/WoV/WoE -ONLY-, as WoI has almost competly hosed the WW2-ish propeller plane flight models. If you attempt to use this in WoI, you do so at your own risk of flying 'quite oddly'.


So, make double sure you actually READ the enclosed readme, it's got everything you need to know to get this up and running.


Happy Landings!


Kevin Stein



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Fantastic :biggrin: ! A nice addition to my Korea!!! Waiting now for the Suez version - I know you won´t resist :yes: !!!! Thanks Wrench!! :good:

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It's in the works....




Just trying to overcome some mapping issues with the stripes. Can't do them as decals (yes, I've already tried), so they have to be painted on. Figuring inthe offset in the template is real beeetch!! There's like 6 layers of just stripes, to try to get them to line up. Still neends FAA number decals, etc. Also, have to figure out which squadron, so I can make the patch for the loadout screen. In the works, but way down on the priority list. Mabye after the F-82 Upgrade (for Korea) and a 'What If" Seahawk FA.1, also for Korea.


This is in my WoE Mid East install, as I won't install any more prop-jobs to WoI - the Spits, Veltro, Mustang, S-199, etc are almost impossible to fly properly.



kevin stein

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