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Hi everybody...


I just have some quistions concerning the Flash ejector, today I downloaded the TMF RF-4C, I loved the bird it is so accurate and has so much details thanks to TMF and third wire offcourse....


The thing is that am using this bird in WOi it works reaaly good, one of its weapons in the weapons list is (Flash ejector) I just wanna know what it is, and how to operate it, and is it consedered as a countermeasure or a weapon, if its a weapon I cant find any way to guide it through its target especially that there is no crossairs in the RF-4C !!


One more thing, if there is any websits readings about the history of weapons especially the flash ejectors plz advise....


Thank you very much



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Basically, parachute flares.


Like Crusader said, "for putting a little light on the subject"



kevin stein

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