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  1. Buccaneer RAF for SF2

  2. Buccaneer FAA for SF2

  3. MiG-29 Pack Update

  4. Tornado F.3

  5. hey guys... any one has any thing about the mirage F1 and SAAB Viggen ?
  6. Maneuverability

    any one has some info about the performance of mirage F-1 and SAAB viggen?
  7. Maneuverability

    Hi there wow 1985 I was just watching a youtube for that game sounds really complicated interesting ratings hmmmmm interesting opinion I thought the Mig-21 would score 7 ! perhaps as it had a powerful engine and a somewhat favorable wing loading coupled with a light weight also the draken I thought u would give it a higher rating. I saw a draken doing the cobra maneuver youtube. it also had a large wing with powerful engine = good instantaneous turn rate ya !!!
  8. Hi everybody.... In a scale from 1 to 10. ten represents the most maneuverable in a dogfight how do u rate the following jetfighters? Lets say Mig-21BIS Mig-23 MLD Mirage IIIC Mirage F1C F-15A F-18A F-14A F-4E F-8C F-100C Lightning Tornado ADV SAAB DRAKEN SAAB VIGGEN Kfir C-7 Fighter pilots openion is appreciated.
  9. Mirage F-1C_82

    the 1978 and 1980 models had RWR...! this one 1981 doesn't have it?
  10. Lightning F.52 & F.53

    Good work. thx alot
  11. MiG-25 Foxbats for SF2

    beautiful birds thx a lot. I used this bird in SF2E, I couldn't exceed Mach 1.5 ...!!! I took it to 10Km. to 15Km. altitude and this is the best that I got out of it just Mach 1.5

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