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Anyone else have issues with FSD International?

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I purchased the T-38/C-17 combo from these guys and have been trying to reinstall the aircraft on my gaming computer.


The first thing I discovered is that they do an internet based check everytime to try to fly the T-38. If you don't have an internet connection it pukes. (I recently decided to turn off the internet connection on my gaming computer if I don't need it.) Shades of StarForce......


The real problem appears to be the fact that whatever FSD uses to validate "you are only installing on one computer" does not work very well. Every time I tried reinstalling on my gaming computer their log shows a "different" computer.


They started off sending me an asinine condescending email saying "we can see you are installing on multiple computers HA HA HA" but as I said, I only have FS2004 on one computer and that's the one I'm installing to.


I have sent a couple of follow up emails (some nice, some not so much) but have yet to get a response.


Anyway, my recommendation is to avoid these folks if you can. I have had much better luck with other payware providers such as Abacus and Shockwave.

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Nothing better than a company with a faulty DRM program falsely accusing its paying customers of being thieves.



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I had the same problem, along with 75% of the FS community, although I already knew about the attitude of that company so I never sent an email. Shortly after the release of said T-38/C-17 release this issue began appearing in almost all the FS forums. It got so bad that the threads had to be locked. What was surprising is that with such an overwhelming majority of posts, some by well known Flight Simmers, they still cling to the notion that every one is a thief.


I hate to say this but Mike Stone's C-17 was done better and is free, as is an earlier version of the T-38. I personally will never buy another product from FSD.

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