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where can i find this marvelous airplane ?

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I saw an screenshot of the TSR, my question is the next where can we obtain it or is it still in testing fase ?? i don't want to hurry people just asking after an long deployement and by the way congrats on the new planes they are marvelous


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Who would doubt that ?


All good things for WoX are at CA...


Well, except MarcFighter's (but his site is hosted by CA IIRC), Nazca Studio's (the quite nice Wyvern S.4), YAP (due to their payware status), Razbam (same, but they have a forum here) and He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (or is it She ? The updated profile confused me; Anyway, I shouldn't joke if I end up applying for an access)...


Oh, and Kreelin's updated FM.


Hope I forgot no one...

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