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  1. Again an excellent work of an Belgian Air force what if
  2. Again an marvelous what if down to details keep up the excellent work
  3. Another marvelous what if for the Belgian Air Force, allways an great pleasure to see what else you will make for the BAF
  4. again i was somewhre else with my brain, what Wrench is proposing is ideal SA sepecat attack JA Jaguar attack or AS AJ ??
  5. I would suggest SEA scheme as on the mirage 5 and perhaps decals of 350 th or 349 th squadron ?? I you want i could give you some help with pics or so ?? Or an toned down european one ?? Just thinking out loud :good:
  6. sorry my mistake i was to hasty
  7. Again an marvelous design, you keep producing wonderfull what ifs, i have one small item ; you gave the planes the BA xx serial but the practice in the belgian air force is that the first letter is to point out the plane and role , let me explain BA08= Breguet, FA-16= Falcon, CH-06 Cargo Hercules, RS04= Rescue Seaking, AT-06 Alpha Jet Trainer. I hope that you found it usefull,and still looking for more excellent planes
  8. Marvelous design, better looking than the F-22 i think
  9. Spinner she is an beauty you really made my week, i think that its your best what if (with the Etendard) to this day, but that my humble opinion :good:
  10. BAF F-104G

    amazing plane love to see them flying when i lived near the airbase, i have however one remark 349 smaldeel is called the goedendag or maces and 350 is called Ambiorix otherwise no remarks or bad things to say just marvelous
  11. BAF A-4F_74 for SF2 Merged

    really excellent design, i was waiting for an long time to have an Belgian Air Force skyhawk, just what i was hoping for, the serial numbers on the tail should be the BS the Belgian mirage had the serial starting with BA for the single seater and BD for the dual seater Thanks and kep up the excellent work
  12. Wearing the navy blue...

    Bonne chance de la part d un TDA de la Force Navale Belge (la vraie)
  13. cool awesome plane where did you find it ?? or is it still in the pipeline ??
  14. she is an real beauty congrats

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