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DiD players.

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It's up:




I've no doubt it could do with a bit of titivating here and there, but apart from that it's ready to go. If anyone sees anything that needs fixing or clarifying (rules) please post here, thanks. :good:

Great Siggi, My pc won't let me send you a e-mail via the link so i will send it by my aol account....

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What do you chaps want to be the main thrust of your DiD experience? Survivability? Missions flown? Hours flown? Or kills made? On first inspection this question may seem redundant. It's all about the kills, yes?


My goals are:

  1. Living long enough to go on leave to Blighty at least once.
  2. Living long enough after that get posted to a home-based ASW flyingboat squadron near a major city with many lonely women.
  3. Making sure as many of my squaddies as possible live to achieve the same goals.
  4. Making enough money in the black market to live on for a few years after the war, while I get my brain reset enough to pass as fairly normal in civilization.

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