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Patch News From Matt Wagner

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Wags posted on the status of the upcoming patch tonight, here's the quote.


Hello folks,


Today we got the first beta version of the patch, and for the most part, things are looking good. Work continues, but I wanted to drop you a quick note regarding some of the things that have been addressed. Please keep in mind that this list is not final and will not be a first and last patch. As to when it will be released… as soon as we possibly can.


1- Track to AVI video tool fixed.

2- SA-10 (S-300PS) fixed

3- Hide list remains hidden in classified mission now

4- Players can change their payload in classified single and campaign missions

5- External fuel tanks now have weight and effect balance

6- A-10 and Su-25 low speed AoA > 30 (such as a tail slide) has been corrected

7- Aircraft switching (ability to change from player to AI aircraft during mission has been corrected.

8- Meto visibility selector has been fixed

9- Re-attack range for bombs has been reduced.

10- Gun and rocket attack pop-up has been reduced to 500m

11- A-10 horizon line on HUD is correct now when in bank

12- Look down reduction on F-15 radar has been reduced

13- TVV has been removed from A-10 HUD when it is within the gun/rocket reticule

14- Bank and steering indicator has been removed from F-15 HUD when in non-NAV mode

15- Padlock is now functional over entire in-cockpit FOV

16- Radar scan footprint is now visible on HDD when A-15 is in mission

17- Rudder inputs have been adjusted

18- S-3 now has folding wings and tail

19- Max G for Su-27, Su-33, and MiG-29 increased to 9

20- Payload screen how has correct seeker type for AGM-65D and K

21- Rmax for AIM-120 increased from 32 to 45 km

22- Adjusted campaigns for better frame rates

23- Radar performance when operating at low altitudes has been greatly increased

24- AI will no take multiple missile shots at enemy (much more aggressive)

25- TrackIR centering problem fixed

26- A-10 low fuel indicators fixed

27- Visible distance of Goal targets greatly increased

28- RCS values of some aircraft adjusted

29- MiG-29 now has 150 rounds

30- Campaign save function adjusted

31- Fixed record/playback for tracks with voice overs

32- Our initial tests on Windows 98 look very promising


Again, these are just some the fixes; will be more.


Thank you for you patience,




Matt "Wags" Wagner

Producer / Ubisoft

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