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Ear Toture

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ok, what are the worse music you ever heared in your whole life?



i hope you don't like





i want see how terrible it is worldwire :rofl:

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That was awful , never heard of Helio dos Passos before but he looks/ acts as if he is mildly retarded.... this might be a developing genera of music unfolding before our eyes. Only a matter of time before it gets some street credibility - developmentally disabled rappers grabbing their nuts with one hand and holding their helmet in the other. Picture the moshpit at a Tardcore show.


Pibes Chorros was really bad too.



believe it or not there is worse out there wish i had the time to find some of the crap I've seen on youtube or myspace.

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It seems everything they make these days is ear torture. "music" has become a collection of obnoxious noises and illiterates talking.


Try this on for size





And to help recover from such horrible cruelty



Boy you sure picked a couple of winners! Black Eyed Peas i actually respected years ago.



Seriously though, i can find certain vids on Youtube where guys are pulling off stuff instrumentally that is technically demanding above and beyond the realms of "regular" music and physically difficult enough that only a few can pull it off. Yet it is still labeled as noise by the "masses".

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