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Do you have a special person you use as your pilot's name?

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Hi, Rickitycrate

Your German "translation" of your avatar name just made me laugh (and that did me good!).

"Rachitisch" is especially for a noise, the lungs produce, when you're seriously ill.

Better for a name, and saying the same as in your name: Klapprig, wackelig

"Kiste" is by no means a German first name, and I don't know any name near that.

Also, German names don't end on "ig" often, but rather "ich". So, if we would distort the whole a bit,

to get a German sounding name, you could be Karl Klapprich, or Walter Wackliger.

If you want...

Have fun! Olham

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I usually have name combinations with Dudley - Not my name at all. A nick-name I briefly had years ago, but it seemed right when I started flying CFS1 on-line with RCAF_6Group.


I go through so many pilots that I make them with different middle initials.

(You think I'd be better at this by now; I mean the air combat - not creative names.)

So: Albert A. Dudley, Albert B. Dudley, etc. - eventually using up the alphabet and progressing to other first names Alfred, Arthur .... sigh!


When flying German, I use Ernst von Dudley - known to friend and foe as Der FlederWurst!

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