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Hunter FGA.9 Royal Rhodesian Air Force

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Hunter FGA.9 Royal Rhodesian Air Force

HAWKER HUNTER FGA.9, No.1 Squadron Royal Rhodesian Air Force, Thornhill AFB, Rhodesia, late 1960s


The Hawker Hunter FGA.9 was delivered the (then) Royal Rhodesian Air Force in 1962/3 to replace the DH Vampires then in

service with No.1 Squadron. The aircraft wore a number of different camouflage schemes during its twenty-plus years in

service with the Royal Rhodesian Air Force, the UDI-period Rhodesian Air Force and finally, the post-Independence

Air Force of Zimbabwe.


Twelve aircraft were delivered, and all are represented in this pack, although three crashed during the 1970s. All twelve are represented here.


The Royal Rhodesian Air Force lasted until the establishment of Rhodesia as a Republic in 1970, when the Lion-and-Tusk roundel

was introduced.



Spinners modified the Thirdwire stock Hunter FGA.9 to make it flyable, and fitted the cockpit.

Modifications to ini files, stock weapons, screens and skin by Nigel "ndicki" Dickinson.

Ideas and support from Josh "Jeremiah Weed"


For SF2 only, although it can be converted to SF1 if you know how!


Issued according to the CombatAce Freeware Agreement.


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