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Ryan H

Weird Flashes/Texture glitches

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When I'm flying, or sitting on the ground I'm getting weird texture flashes that come up at random on my screen. arent just on the ground textures either, it seems to be everywhere, they just appear as black spots/lines for a fraction of a second then go away. It happens throughout the whole flight. Any Ideas? All graphics sliders set on 3.




Vista Premium 64bit

4gig RAM

GTX 285 1gb.

SB X-FI X-treme

Intel Core 2 Duo 3.16 Ghz

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Could be overheating. Latest video drivers? Also check settings in NVidia control panel related to Anti Aliasing settings, I can't remember which but one gives flashing textures like triangles. I had it a long time ago.


Check this thread for some good settings..


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