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Underground Water Slide

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I thought stuff like this only happens to Indiana Jones or Lara Croft:


NEWARK, NJ, 31/07/09


Two sewer workers were swept away by a torrent of storm water underneath the streets of Newark this afternoon, authorities said.


The incident occurred at 12th Avenue and 6th Street, around 4 p.m. when workers were realigning a sewer line underground , said Fire Chief Michael Lalor. Supervisors ordered the crew to get out when they heard a storm was coming, but two workers never received the news. When storm water flooded the space where the workers were located, they were washed away for a block before a net safely caught them, Lalor added.


The workers, who were covered in solvent from their labors, were decontaminated and transported to University Hospital, Lalor said. They appeared to be in good condition, he added.


Further information on the incident was not immediately available.


I'm sure that they were covered in much more than "solvent", after that ride.... :biggrin:

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I'm sure the first words out of their mouths when they saw the storm waters comming in was "Oh s***!"


Reminds me of that scene in Back to the Future when Biff is chasing Marty around on that make-shift skate board and Marty fools them into crashing into the manure truck.

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