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Panama Red

Realistic Sky Mod First Eagles

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The reason that I got started modding the First Eagles Environemntalsystem.ini file was to:

1. Eliminate/reduce the lower horizon purple band in Clear weather,

2. Eliminate/reduce the lower horizon band in Overcast weather and

3. Eliminate/reduce the lower horizon band and overhead triangles in Inclement weather.


Modifying the clouds to make them more realistic was a byproduct of all the time spent "fixing" the first three items. I have tried to make the clouds as realistic looking as possible and at the proper altitude for each type.


In modifying the first Eagles Environmentalsystem.ini file, I used the same theme as TK used for the horizonclouds and broke out all 5 overhead clouds (versus the default Cloud1 for all weathers) into:

1. Cloud1 = Clear

2. Cloud2 = Scattered

3. Cloud3 = Broken

4. Cloud4 = Overcast

5. Cloud5 = Inclement


First Eagles default horizon clouds use the same method as the included horizonclouds included in this mod:

1. Horizonclouds 11-18 = Clear

2. Horizonclouds 21-28 = Scattered

3. Horizonclouds 31-38 = Broker

4. Horizonclouds 41-48 = Overcast

5. Horizonclouds 51-58 = Inclement


This way people can mix and match their particular horizon & overhead clouds (that other people have made) to their hearts desire and still have the original 3 fixes I did for the Clear, Overcast & Inclement weather.


Unfortunately due to internal FE game engine restrictions, I am not able to completely eliminate the Clear lower horizon band and can only transfer the lower horizon bands for Overcast and Inclement weather to above the clouds where you can still see the triangles above the Inclement clouds if you chose to fly above these clouds. From what I have read, without an artificial horizon in WW1 planes, not many pilots flew into/above thick Overcast or Inclement clouds because they could lose their orientation very quickly and did not want to subject their wood and canvas planes to all the turbulence within these clouds either.


I would like to give Marcel "Cellinsky" Aerni the biggest credit for starting me on this path of modding the sky, I have always admired all his great work in his “Widesky” mods. I have also included his Clear, Scattered, Overcast and Inclement Horizonclouds since they are very realistic and blend well with the FE’s horizon fog, as well as give credit to Polak for his Broken Horizonclouds; they really look like a front is coming through. I also give credit to Cellinsky and ShrikeHawk for their Cloud.tgas, they definitely improved the overhead clouds look.



The easiest way to install this mod (other than using the great JoneSoftGenericModEnabler tool http://www.users.on.net/~jscones/software/...ucts-jsgme.html ), is to copy your “Flight” folder and rename it “Flight1”, then unzip all the included files into your original “Flight” folder.


Inclement weather will rain 100% of the time with the standard “particlesystem.ini”, but I can give no guarantees if you are using a modified “particlesystem.ini” file.



Panama Red


Download here: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=9664

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Just downloaded at work so haven't tried it, but this sounds very promising. Thank you for your effort! And will reply...


I've only recently installed a re-make of Wide Sky for SF (LINK) into my FE install and was quite happy with the results even though it isn't supposed to work in FE...

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I only managed to install and get one mission in last night (so have not explored it fully), but Wow! I'm liking this mod so far.


Balloon busting dawn mission starts on the field, the sun is barely rising, and low inky storm clouds surround me and my wingman. Skirting, the cloud ceiling felt very real. The only detraction was some "banding" showing up, sort of like what might appear if I was running the game in 16 bit, but it was only intermittent and likely worse because of the inky blackness I was enveloped in. (NOTE: the screen shots look a lot brighter, and more flat, than my in game experience)



We managed to somehow find the balloon only to be confronted by Tailspin's sockleflak guns (I only recently installed Peter01's campaign files...thank you sir), so WOW!!! That was intense!!! Somehow managed to hole the bag with some rockets, but I don't remember them being this inaccurate before, or maybe I'm confusing them with the OFF Le Prieur. Nice realism here folks!!!



FE has been making at times slow incremental improvements since 2006, thanks to TK and every person making a contribution to the community, but I have to say this game brings me back every time.

Edited by B Bandy RFC

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This is a really good sky mod folks. Give it a try. :good:

Hey Panama Red


Outstanding effort! Realistic is an understatement. Even the Clear Sky is interesting to look at.



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Excellent Panama Red :ok: . Finally no more blue band around the horizon :clapping:

It all looks great :good: A must have mod :yes:

Edited by quack74

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