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Civilian traffic in the campaign

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I know SFP1 used to have the occasional transport aircraft appear during certain missions. That's something I like but I want more.


Basically what I want to do is add a 'neutral' or 'friendly' side that operates various civilian aircraft (707's and the such) in addition to having much more of the military transports since I only play as mercenary and thus likes the ability to hunt down juicy targets for more cash.


How would I go about doing this? Suggestions?

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It had been discussed before indeed...


I think the main problem was the binarity of the campaign engine, that is: either red or blue side.


So the only way, playing mercenary, to achieve what you want would be to set civilian planes as transport planes in red side.


Pure guess from memories of similar threads, I'm far from being a modder.

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if you put a neutral country, with plane assigned to this country all see them as friendly.


if you kill one, it's a friendly fire.


but, you need to put at list one airbase to neutral.


i do some try with single mission, game engine put neutral plane on neutral base.


i don't have see ia fly.


never try in campaign.



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"Transport" in SF2 Series still works. It works in Campaigns and Single Missions. As Bpao has stated, You'll have to set up Commercial Airlines as a "Neutral Country". As it stands, "Transport" as a Mission, Has only one Formation Type. That's a Single Aircraft in flight. Additional work can be done in the Formation.INI if You'd want more than one Aircraft to show at any given time. Netural Airbases would have to be set up for this Netural Country.


Let Us know how it goes......




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There was an airfield "trick" I used to use when building my mission sets for Fighters Anthology...


In this example, your Intrepid Hero ™ is stealing an enemy aircraft (set as friendly) from an enemy airbase. Even back then, you couldn't use Red for Blue basing, and vise-versa. So, I hit upon the idea of laying down an 'empty' friendly runway directly on TOP of the existing enemy runway. The game engine (well, back then) saw both runways, but each was operational for each opposing side.


I don't see why this would would here in the 3W series ... all you'd need is 2 target area, congruent with each other, and the aformentioned addition to the terrains Nations.ini. Obviously, depending on the aircraft used, and it's runway requirements (Medium or Large), would depend on which runway type to use


For example:



Name=D1 Airfield











---0ther stuff not shown for space consideration, but you'd leave ALL the regular base building intact---


so, for your airliners or other 'neutral air-shipping',



Name=D1 Airfield <--should, theoreticly, share the same name for clairity












and NOTHING else listed. Using the exact same coordinates as the 'Blue' or 'Red' base location. HOWEVER!! (you knew that was coming, right??) You might want to create a 'copy' airbase and 'copy' airbase ini, call in desert_airfield1A.ini, and REMOVE the in-game generated parking slots so there's no conflicts, or plot NEW positions away from the existing ones -- there's lots of empty spots near the hangars and such, especially on Runway 4. Add the 'new' runway to the _Types ini, but use ALL the original LODs and such, like this:









TargetValue=0 <--would need to be zero, for saftey reasons, being neutral and all


















I've done somethign similiar with various and sundry stock and aftermarket building; the game engine ™ dosen't seem to care what LOD is used, as long as there's a specific/new name for the object.


Mind you, this is something I've not experimetated with in the SF/Wo* series, but I don't see why it shouldn't work



kevin stein


edit: if this DOES work, don't forget to put my name in the readme for credit -- I'm a credit whore!!! :lol:

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I get a single aircraft appearing in the sky now. So does the sim only handle one transport mission/nation at one time? Also I have DC-8's that are supposed to operate as recon flights from the neutral airbases, but these don't seem to show up at all.


Maybe each airline needs to be it's own country?

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