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  1. hello, have start rebuild some objects for SF2 (will work with sfp1) I redo hangar1 and hangar3 with doors open, internal iron structure, windows and put parking location in it. have start to redo half cylinder shelter to do a more realistic one, with open door (i put animation to close the doors) if you want them ? ++
  2. if you put a neutral country, with plane assigned to this country all see them as friendly. if you kill one, it's a friendly fire. but, you need to put at list one airbase to neutral. i do some try with single mission, game engine put neutral plane on neutral base. i don't have see ia fly. never try in campaign. ++
  3. it's not the France who broke embargo. it's only Dassault (a private company) , if the French government have broke the embargo, they provide engine design in the pack. but they don't, Israel must found the engine from another customer,... the Swiss, a engineer stoll many box of blue print and datas. Dagger don't use US parts, to avoid US intervention in the sell. i think many parts of avionic, come from Mirage IIIC stocks (France sell change and sub parts, it's only the airframe who are under embargo). when they are under embargo, the Mirage 5J are stored under hangar without seat and canopy. to avoid a "stoll" like for patrol boats. a++
  4. all F-1AZ have refuel probe. this plane is a custom one, with Russian engine, and russian weapons. no sell, it's just a try. Iraq use soviet weapon on mirages (but they use Magic on mig 21 better than Attol) ++
  5. strange problem... i try to stay in 7bits ascii todo files names. happy you found the solution. ++
  6. yes, all my French sources said same think. Dassault big help for structure and an affair with Swiss for engine ( snecma is a state compagny, not breaking embargo possibility). many of my source think 2 empty fuselage have been send to Israel as Mirage IIIC parts (a 5J and a 5DJ) it's not a full licence but it's not a copyright break too. ++
  7. the scope have been remove (in reel plane) it's a longrange recon plane, no video return ;)
  8. i work on TMF Sam's.. Mobile_sam not don't work (the place on terrain have not be define) but in mobile_AAA germany become a nightmare. ;)
  9. the airplane cost i coded in data.ini for weapon i don't know. ++
  10. hello, chekc in Mirage factory F-4G and f-4e arn, i do an update of icons. you can use them or change the graph if you know the reel picto. about french radar on M2000 M2000C-RDM (could be view in rwr, Air/Air mode) M2000C-RDI (same but more powerfull totaly new radar) M2000-5 (RDY) (have A/A mode too) B is same as C M2000N and M2000D have radar without A/A mode, only ground map, and terrain folow (to be basic) 2000-5K2, -9 use RDY version, other export use rdm have fun
  11. the only "a-37" i know is the A Team version. check with A team. ++
  12. no, the sf2 new phantom have many new mapping zone. ++
  13. SF vs SF2

    oups... some times i loose my English.... :sorry:
  14. SF vs SF2

    no, with SF2, you can't have a mig-21 with egyptian marking over vietnam... we have a limitation nations/planes/users by terrains. have fun. :yes:

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