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Post Count Bug?

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I'm going to take a guess....since I'm not that familiar with the software yet. It could be that Active Posts vs. Total Post are different numbers.


You can gain a post count by voting in a poll, or commenting on a gallery image. Those go towards your total, but no necessarily active forum posts.




I'm completely off the mark and the post counts simply need to be recounted and rebuilt in the database.....but this would have been done with the installation of the new upgrades.

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Well like Fates said it's normal but it's like a drink with an umbrella .... just not right.


Fates was correct that the aggregate post count on the left is a total count of post eligible counting versus actual forum posts. During the transition the posts counts are not rebuilt that's a manual tool that can be run if necessary. I didn't run the post count rebuild tool because it has been known in the past to change member's post count dramatically if posts are being counted from forums that are no longer here, or from other features no longer here. I didn't want to start chaos and have Dave wondering why his post count was averagely normal. LOL






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