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Jasta 5 Alb. D.Va 6 Pack

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Here is an additional Jasta 5 pack, adding Albatros D.Va schemes-




They include;


-Alb. D.Va of Vzfw. Jupp Cremer - 1 Victory

-Alb. D.Va of Ltn.d.R. Wilhelm Gürke - KIA on Mar.10, 1918 over Honnecourt.

-Alb. D.Va of Ltn. Hans von Hippel - 2 victories, this was the 4th and last version of his famous blitz markings

-Alb. D.Va of Fldw. Martin Klein

-Alb. D.Va of Vzfw. Josef Mai- This D.Va was fitted with Siemens Werke experimental motor machine guns, capable of firing 1400 rounds per minute. Rumey also recieved a machine marked with the 'old bone' motif.

-Alb. D.Va of Ltn. Hans Schlömer - 4 Victories


Please Enjoy!




Click here to download this file

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Another superb set Saltfiskur :good:


Together with your recent D.V 16 pack, plus the previously available J5 skins, I reckon we now surely must have every Alb D.V/a, Jasta 5 scheme ever documented.


While I'm here, can I ask; are you still working on the Roland C.II?





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