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  1. New Cockpit for AEG G.IV

    Excellent. Thank you!
  2. Suez 2 terrain

  3. Taube

    Wonderful, thank you! I have been hoping for this for a long time.
  4. Very interesting! Thanks for pointing these out.
  5. I used to work with someone who did contract artwork for Code One magazine. He showed me what he did in Photoshop to create images of aircraft in other paint schemes. He also used desaturation to get the tones correct. Very interesting!
  6. Grumman F7F Tigercat cockpits pack

    Quality cockpits seem like one of the hardest mods to do, so very much appreciated!
  7. What do we need?

    +1 early types
  8. Many thanks Erik, all your hard work is very much appreciated.
  9. 5,000,000

    Hats off to all you folks at CombatACE and everyone who contributes. The number of downloads is just a small measure of the enjoyment you have given everyone.
  10. Battle Creek Airshow 2012

    Thank you... beautiful! And with my beloved D90 too!
  11. Is Satellite view actually implemented?

    It's the back-quote key (the same key as tilde).
  12. Updated FMs No4

    Hi Peter01, Thanks again for sharing these! The HalberstadtCLIV seems to be missing from zip No4. Can you check? deep.
  13. Brother's Blood

    VERY nice TB! Our OFF friends should see this.

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