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Okay in prep for OFF arriving I am reading up on Squadrons etc and I am planning on Starting as early as possible with a RFC or RNAS Squadron and playing it as DID with max realism (I know sadist, but train like you mean to fight). But I was wondering has anyone got any advice on what Squadrons to choose as a beginner with a slow ramp up in the squadrons difficulty for example starts out quiet and as the war progresses it gets tougher and tougher to survive...


Any advice appreciated thanks.


This is so I can read up on the Squadron and see what aircraft I go through...


Oh and it needs to be a nulti-role squadron...

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Strongly Advise: You go to our knowledge base, check out the STICKY Tips & Cheats pay particular attention to #43, #44, and #46


My thanks apologise I didn't think of looking there...

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Salute.gif I say Governor, Err wanting maximum realism might as well sign up for the DID Campagin and enjoy all of E rr sadist tendency s I say, join up and give em" E LL" with 2 Sgn RNAS . Like the mon said Live and learn and the rest can Bugger Off. Bloody good fun wot? drinks.gif Pip Pip Cheerio.

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Both sides of the "Krauts vs Crumpets" tournament would definitely welcome you.

Since we get shot down and then re-start with the bomber squadron again, you

haven't missed much yet.


For the Crumpets, you would enter 2 RNAS and get a very good craft - the Sopwith

Strutter. Good view, can even fight fighters. But: no rear gunner. Get one later on

the next Strutter model.


For the Krauts, you would enter FA(A) 250 and get a good craft also - the DFW C.V

Strong engine, good climb, and a rear gunner. But: an engine block right in front of

you makes it necessary to bend left and right sometimes, or to "wag the tail" with

use of rudder, to see, what is right ahead of you.


Read the "Krauts vs Crumpets" thread, if you are interested. It is great fun!

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