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Pappa Goat

VietnamSEA & Green Hell repaint Mk.9

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VietnamSEA & Green Hell repaint Mk.9

Here is my repaint of the fantastic work by Stary, Brian32 and Bananimal.


I've repainted the tiles drawn from satellite imagery to compensate for all the things that can effect such imagery, climate, time of day/ year, that all effect how the ground looks from space and also how the camera reads the light.


The work was all done off existing stuff put out there. I use photoshop a lot for my photography and currently live in S. E. Asia, having said that it took nine major goes of tweaking to get satisfied with it, and there's always room for improvement.


Here are some of the changes I have made:


- Restored tiles to compensate for atmospherics that dull down the tones and contrast as well as give everything a blue hue.

- Mildly altered colour balances and channels to enhance natural colours.

- Altered the colours of individual vegetation in the superb GreenHell2 mod to better reflect their true appearance and give a lot more vegetation variation in game.

- Altered the colour of rivers from green, to the more common tea brown one sees in this part of the world. The water is that colour due to that red dirt.




You already have to have the following:


VietnamSEA Tile Repaint v1.0 by Brain32

Green Hell 2 by Stary

Rescaled Green Hell 2 Trees by Bananimal


After that just drop my repainted tiles into you VietnamSEA folder. I've included an alternate version of the GreenHell 2 trees that do not have such enhanced variation in case people do not like mine, or if it eats up the CPU. Likewise on request it included the revamped airbase tiles from the SF2 project... simplez!


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