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XFY-1 Pogo

XFY-1 POGO / Release 2.0


The Convair XFY-1 "Pogo" emerged from the same VTOL-research competition that produced Lockheed's XFV-1 "Salmon.". The aircraft was similar in design to the "Salmon," except that it eschewed its competitor's conventional wing-and-tail configuration in favor of a single--albeit it larger--set of delta-shaped wings. Like the "Salmon," the XFY-1 "Pogo" boasted counter-rotating propellers, but unlike its cousin, it actually clocked numerous vertical lift-offs before the Navy terminated its experiments in 1955.



XFY-1 POGO is intended for use with Thirdwire stable of flight simulations.


This release of the POGO is not entirely coded to work 100% in the game. As is… it MUST be air-started or it will explode upon mission start.


Sorry, the expertise of modeling the flight-model to allow it to land and take–off from its tail is way beyond my pay-grade! (Well... maybe not. I might be able to apply what I learned from the Osprey to make it work...)




Unzip the archive and copy and past the POGO folder into your \aircraft directory.




I’ve included the 3D StudioMAX file in the event someone wishes to try their hand at getting the plane to work properly in the game.

All I ask is that you give credit where credit is due… Namely place my name somewhere.


New to release 2.0:


1.) Texture mapped (I'm sorry... I have since forgotten who did me the honor of texturing this bird.



Fly, have fun… appreciate the difficulties in getting a bird like this to fly in a game.


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That in one fan-dam-tastic looking little bugger!


I have no idea what it will be good for, except photo-ops, but it must have been a monster

to get together.


Many thanks, I gots ta have it!



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Wow...I did the texture and decals back in 2005...Almost forgot it existed until now. Had to pull out one of my REAL old back up disks to find it. Sill as awesome as ever.....

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Guest rscsjsuso5

thanks for the mod and by the way i bagged alot of migs with this aircraft thanks , to address the problems that the aircraft is having it can takeoff/land with keyboard mode and easy mode for sfp1 , it can start on runway and doesn't explode, the problem i'm having is making ai hover or take off to a certain altitude and not having to tip over then fall and crash and thus to explode to the ground -probably its the opsrey issue or some1 can create a heloplane data to make it stable- a teams specialty.


here is fixxed mod link of what i did http://www.filefactory.com/file/a1hh175/n/POGO_v2.zip


hope someone can help of tweak it .


thanks so much zur for the mod and to community

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