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Artillery question

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as the description says, how do i put artillery units in the game.

Do I put them in the same way i put in ground units or will it automatically appear in a ground offensive/defensive?

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You use them as artillery. You know, big(ish) guns that shoot in the general direction of the Bad Guys ™??? :grin:


They get added just like any other GroundObject, making sure you have the gun in the GunData.ini. Otherwise, nothing happens (although a CTD may occur).


Then, they get placed on the terrain via edits of the terrain's _targets.ini; to locate them at various firebases/ or army camps/border outposts, etcetcetc, in the direction you with them to face (based upon the 0,0 point of said base) and added to the terrains _types.ini, so's that they actually show for up work.


Campaign wise, couldn't tell ya. Assuming they're placed at a basecamp of some kind, and using the "TargetType=Artillery" in the types ini. One can always try "ARMY_BASE", as that's a valid type for campaign usage (as is NAVAL_BASE)

The terrains' _Movement.ini will also need editing, to add a Ground_Attack route nearby, so the enemy AFVs will be heading in it's general direction (and friendly AFVs heading out to intercept/engage)


There's around a half-dozen terrains with working arty support/firebase/whateveryouwanttocallthem; I'd look in there to see how they're set up as guidlines



kevin stein

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I now it's off-topic, but: How about APC?


It all depends on what groundobject_role the author of the APC decided to assign to it. Usually, for an armored vehicle, it's "tank". But, it can also be a "transport", or even "infantry".

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