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  1. F-16XL for SF2 – F-16E Blk 62 Fighting Falcon

    Looks great! Do you have any plans on adding conformal fuel tanks? It would not only make it more in line with the F-15E but I feel it would make it a true strike fighter by improving its overall range without sacrificing payload.
  2. We had a similar situation back in April 2001 involving China. No one at the time even thought of a Cold War with China at the time so why should we even consider the idea of a Cold War with Russia. I know we have the Ukraine Crisis and the Syrian Civil War and that Russia may or may not be involved in these incidents, but let's take some time and think things through.
  3. LGBs can be dropped with any aircraft even without a designator, But it will only track when it is dropped on a primary target. Anything else will cause the bomb to drop like a regular bomb. I hope this information is useful.
  4. NormalMissionRate=180 NormalMissionRateDeviation=120 OffensiveMissionRate=15 OffensiveMissionRateDeviation=30 These values especially the normal mission rates affect how fast time flies after each mission. I suggest setting the NormalMissionRate between 20-30 to get the best time flow. adjust the other three values accordingly
  5. The desert campaigns only covers 1959 and 1975. They all got a mercenary campaign that is fun to fly in. It gets even better if you have 3rd party aircraft because the are included in the mercenary purchases. The game is open ended in terms of story so modding the starting year won't make the campaign awkward. Just be aware that buying an F-22 as a merc cost more than 300k, and the fact that most merc missions ends up earning 30k tops.
  6. I suggest getting the NATO Fighters mod. It covers the entire period from the 1950s to the 1980s. Here's my interpretations of the campaigns 1953- Korean War style dogfights (F-86) 1956- Supersonic era (F-100) 1962- Early missile age (Mirage III) 1968- Early BVR and LGB age (F-4) 1979- Modern air combat (F-15, F-16) 1986- Ultimate showdown (Mig-29, Su-27) In my book, if you are looking for AG missions that have TV guided missiles and Laser Guided Bombs, I suggest playing the 1979 campaign. It refines the weapons of 1968 and you have an F-16 that can roflstomp anything that flies at the time. If you want a bigger challenge, you can also do the 1986 campaign. Same weapons but deadlier opponents.
  7. Orange Revolution: 2004

    Where do I find the map? Is it the one on the SF1 DL section or another section I did not know cause I can't find it on the SF2 terrain section.
  8. Absolute beauty. will there be a beta release for this?
  9. With the release of OP. Darius, I'm pleased with the mod, being able to fly just about every major aircraft in our current time frame. Although I am a bit disappointed that the French does not have a Rafale in the game. I heard of the Rafale B on A-team, although that is a bit on the old side now. I am curious if anyone is working on the C and M variants.
  10. Bring It Iran

    As bad as the situation gets, we need to take the time to see the Iranian perspective on this issue. Seriously, the US is looking for an excuse to turn Iran into El-Salvador or Chile all over again. I don't even think anyone here understand why the Iranians hate the west, especially the US that much that lead to this CF.
  11. Quite sad that there is only the Rafale-B. Does A-team or anyone here in CA have any plans to make the Rafale M?
  12. Ground Control Simulator?

    A good way to sucker sim enthusiast to buy their games to make money? I dunno.
  13. That is one beautiful fighter. Any plans to create an actual model for this?
  14. nice upload. Do you have any plans to make an E variant for Japan?
  15. thx for the advice fubar. do you have any input regarding the issue with the effect changes?

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