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Any hints for the Stock Harrier Campaign in SF2E?

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Hi all


With Aggies excellent Highway Airfields, I'm now finally starting my first complete and "serious" SF2E campaign ever since I had the game. Aiming for "Dead is Dead", so to make it trough the whole war without dying once.


Well, that was the plan anyway - but flying a GR3 doesn't make things that easy. The wingmans will break formation if I fly below 1500 feet (Above Sea, might be less Above Ground). I can hear the RWR beeping but have no visual indicator. I have no chaff, flares or ECM. And I'm not even sure the Sidewinder has a proper HUD display when locked?


Any hints what one can do to survive in a GR3? I seriously suck at visual awareness - had some green tracers come past me yesterday, went into a break turn to see past my headrest on the boogie - lost sight of my wingman AND the boogie.


It's something I've always liked about TW sims - the aircraft there really "appear and are gone" visually, just as often descriped by RL pilots. But that means without electronic sensors I'm utter crap at fighting.


Also a surprise: Doing some CAS, I found the T-72s were escorted by mobile Triple-A. I never saw that in single missions - just luck for them, or is that a function of the campaign engine to give armor an AAA escort?


Thanks for any hints to help me stay alive.

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Since WOI CAS with AAA has generally been a feature ive noticed.


As for the Harrier - um fly low and keep the RPM down - drinks loads of fuel.

Avoid MiGs if possible - you cant be held accountable for a wingman afraid to fly tree top level - he shouldnt be allowed in the thing :)

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Okay not got SF-2E but I have done a few Harrier campaigns with SF1 Europe and the best thing is to fly alone fly low and keep the speed around 400kts and avoid getting into a dogfight that pulls you high up as you will get shotdown by the the horrible SAM types...

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