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Yet another great reason to loathe Wal-Mart...

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Guest Tazkiller

My entire family refuses to shop at walmart, period.


Anyway this is pure fraud, where are the charges?



I understand and am equally discouraged with the state of affairs. Thing is; are u suprised?


Bussiness has been drifting to this crap for years. The words , Customer Service, have no meaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Profit is the CHIEF and Underlying word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


U want it pay it!!!!!!!!


Don't want to pay it do without!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And when u pay it, don't expect things like warranty, support, or anything else.


Don't want to paint a picture of dume and gloom; especially during the holiday season.


But the U.S.A. The mightiest country the world has ever known, will be taken over in the next 5 years.


Sadly our captures; will never fire a shot!!!!!!


Sam Walton is turning over in his grave over what Walmart has become!!!!!


And don't think for a minute the founding fathers of the Declarition of Independence, aren't either to see what a Cripled Giant, the U.S.A. has become.


My hat is off to our military folks and their loved ones.


What a shame to fight and loose life for nothing.


I truely hope; God Blessed America!


No one else will!!!

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Take pleasure in knowing that the people that own Walmart live in a walled fortress because they know they have many enemies. Living in fear is no life at all, even if it does come with caviar on sterling silver plates.

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you know i worked at sears and won 3 awards for customer service.i know how you all feel but i learned that i was the only one who really cared about the customer.MONEY MONEY MONEY

Example.Man bought $4000 mower from me was told if it went on sale in 30 days price would be adjusted acordenly.it did. so i went to fiance office to adjust it.SHE HAD A COW!! Let him ask for it i was told by 3 higher ups.My sale My commsion and a 300 check was cut to him.my loss right.wrong i got a customer who trusted me, sears, and policy.But if not for me it would have been so long sears.So next time they ask can i help you,just ask them for a sales person who cares about you and your expierence. :yes:

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