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  1. I was at HardOCP one day and they had a news story regarding canvas fingerprinting. Here is the article they were referencing. Basically it is a way to "track" whom is using your site without using cookies. It is a sort of a spying technique and I don't like it. http://www.propublica.org/article/meet-the-online-tracking-device-that-is-virtually-impossible-to-block This brings me to simHQ. Last week I was tring out Tails Live DVD https://tails.boum.org/ and used it to got to simHQ website, well, Tails blocks canvas fingerprinting by sending back a blank canvas to the server that made the request and when I connected to simHQ the browser informed me that it was sending a blank canvas back to simHQ because it tried to use canvas fingerprinting. I no longer have a membeship at simHQ and is why I posted it here instead of there. Maybe simHQ is not aware they are using addthis' or perhaps it is being used by one of their advertisers.
  2. The Doctor is in...

    Q : Aren't fried foods bad for you? A : YOU NOT LISTENING! Food fried in vegetable oil. How getting more vegetable be bad? Hate to rain on the fun but when you heat vegetable oil to fry the food all the nutrients are destroyed. If you want healthy oil do not heat.
  3. Panzer Corps-having fun

    Yes, already have both of those (freeware, not payware) and even have original SP installed and running via dosbox. Really needs a graphics overhaul though.
  4. Panzer Corps-having fun

    I wish they would do a remake of Steel Panthers. Matrix told me they were going to remake SP but that was at least five years ago so guess they decided not to in the end.
  5. Anyone Playing Diablo 3?

    Nope, nasty DRM prevents me from even considering buying it.
  6. God DAMN!

    You must be some of the "trash" Beach was referring to. ;)
  7. If Diablo 3 were a girl

    Hot girl but too mean so will never be seen in my bed.
  8. 1984 is reborn via Big Brother!

    USA is land of the free? Not any more.
  9. My Wingman

    Pretty cat but his/her face needs a wash.
  10. Might be just an April fool's joke but I detect some sarcasm directed at complaining customers too.
  11. My kingdom for a 7970

    That's what AMD wants but I am only willing to pay $500.00 - tops.
  12. One way to keep the Prison population down

    USA doesn't want to keep the prison population down. In the USA prisoners are very cheap labor and are used in prison factories.
  13. Corporate b*stards

    Wake me up when the revolution starts.
  14. A very thought provoking Video

    One or two discredited scientists does not = all scientists that say we are destroying the earth are not credible.
  15. A very thought provoking Video

    Ever watch this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqxENMKaeCU
  16. So, anyone using Windows 8 yet?

    I tried out Win8 just a week or so ago and did not like the GUI at all. I won't be buying it that is for certain. By bloat I was talking about size of the install and not lag.
  17. EF-2000

    Thanks, but why are there two files? One is EF2000.zip and the other is EF2000_Typhoon.zip. Both the same size. Which is the most recent and fixed one?<br>
  18. Warn status bar?

    OK, I see now only I can see my warn status bar anyway because I don't see the other person's that asked to have it removed. I am a bit of a douchebag and don't mind that label, I tend to speak my mind. But I have never been one here anyway.
  19. The Rant

    I don't like the X52 because the bottom of the stick rubs on the base and it makes it feel sticky. I even lubed it with soap as I saw suggested once but it is still sticky.
  20. So, anyone using Windows 8 yet?

    How big is the install? I assume it just installsjust part of it on a tablet/mobile device because installing a 20+GB OS on a tablet PC is just stupid. Also, installing files for a touch screen when I don't have a touch screen and never want one is stupid also. Bloatware does not float my boat.
  21. Warn status bar?

    Me? Douchebag? Never. ;) I got it for making a negative comment about another website and not for making"douchebag" comments to any users here.
  22. Warn status bar?

  23. The Rant

    Right now I have MSFFB2, Saitek X52, Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, and Logitech Attack (just for motorcycle racing) but the best setup I ever had was CH Flightstick Pro, CH Throttle and CH rudder pedals. They were all the gameport version though and I am not willing to make such a hefty investment again, especially since I can't even buy them from any local stores anymore. The best cheaper all-in-one stick on the market now is the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. For more casual players that is what I recommend you buy.
  24. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Review.

    I bought this stick not long ago and it is pretty good bang-for-the-buck. I see they modeled it after a stick in a real civ jet liner but can't remember which one now. Airbus? I also own Microosft FFB2 and Saitek X52 but just wanted a decent stick that you just plug in quickly and go fly and this stick suits that purpose. I like that I can control the axis sensitivity in the little app it comes with.

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