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Whats your favorite refrigerated barley unit of choice within the mess?

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Hi Wallaroo,


Ah yes...The City of Durham...a majestic place!!!


Ok m8...If you can find any of these Beers around Durham...you won't go far wrong!!


Brewed in Northumberland, and very nice too



Ferocious Fred is a personal favourite...but make sure you don't have an early start the next day!!! :heat:

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OT, cause not made of barley:

I'm with you about swearing off, Cameljockey, but I don't drink Coke or Pepsi.

I recently discovered Ayran, a Turkish yoghurt drink made of just 60% yoghurt, water and salt.

Very good especially on hot summer days.



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Thank you all!


Olham and Cameljockey,

much appreciated though your input is, the concept of swearing off my research at this time is not practical.

Sir Mike,

I'll keep my eye out for Blue Moon.


thanks for the link to the Spitfire Ale website - that'll do the rounds when I get home - and it was a lovely drop!


Our plan is to drive up and have a look at Hadrian's Wall before we go back to Oz, and I notice High House Farm Brewery is quite close - a necessary diversion I think.


Thanks again


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Ah, one of my favourite subjects. Was even a member of CAMRA (The campaign for real ale) for a couple years. I got to sample a lot of the UK's bitters, brown ales, stouts and ciders during various beer festivals and many trips (pilgramages?) across the country. So I can mentions a few favourites.


Close runners up. (Off the top of my head)


Guinness, Scrumpy Jack, Owd Roger, Old Tom, Moonraker, Nukey Brown, Merry Monk, Brains SA and (bottled) most of Wychwood Brewery's range (special mention for Hobgoblin).


A cracking trio of winners.


Theakstons Old Peculiar, Theakstons XB and Marstons Pedigree. (Haven't tried Spitfire yet)



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