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question on dynamic campaign

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No you cannot change WW1 in OFF. You will see when you play, You are the victim in this, try to survive that's it!


OFF is where possible history based, for example all the Aces die on the day they died. You can shoot an Ace down of course, but he will survive and live to fight until his actual authentic dying day.

Also for example the weather in historic mode is based on actual data for the time.

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is the campaign dynamic to the point where player actions can change the course of the war?



As Polovski said, OFF is based on actual history - not the kiddie pleaser version like the original CFS3 ("As real as it gets?" Yea, whatever. :boredom:).


Is a single pilot "changing the course of the war" in anyway realistic? Even the great MvR had little real impact on the war (Although I'm sure those pilots he shot down would disagree :blink:)


Sorry to go off here but that approach is just dumb.

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