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Hi Guys,


P4 dev is underway but as many of you know we are on a non disclosure status at the moment as competition is stiffer than before. :cool:

So alas no pics no screenies and no hints - but I can say it will ROCK.:good:


I need a bit of data base help so if any one could kindly volunteer to send me a live pilots set of files it would be greatly appreciated.


I need:


1) Pilot'x'Log ; Pilot'x'Claims ; Pilot'x'Dossier text files.


2) I need these to be a comprehensively filled in set - IOW this is a request for those that actually use this aspect of OFF to its fullest!

I need claims confirmation kills etc - as comprehensive as anyone has and I need good narrative examples


3) I need them to cover as long a period as possible IOW I need long term pilot files!


If anyone can help me please post here and I will PM my e-mail addy to you.







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Wish I could help Winder, but I lost all of mine in my recent HD crash. P4 is sounding more intriguing and exciting every day. Sweet anticipation.





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I have a couple of active bomber pilots (one German, one British) who both have about 60 flight hours and have both survived for a couple of months in 1917. The British one doesn't have any kills though, but the German does. Would these be of any help to you? If you want, I'll gladly send their files to you.

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Winder, I can offer you my last Full DiD pilot from my old rig.

He had 61 sorties. The claims are all written with some detail.

If you're interested,just send me the mail-address, okay?

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