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Wings over Europe - crash to desktop saving game

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I am having a problem with WOE in either single mission or campaign. When the misison is finished and I press <ESC> to go to the briefing screem, it crashes straight to desktop.

I am using Vista 32 bit, and the graphics card etc is way way above minimum requirement. Direct X is up to date. This is a clean install with no patches added as yet.

On this website there is an instruction on how to get it to run, but have run into a bit of a problem.

Here is the relevant link:




Step 3 - When I use the CAT extractor on 'GermanyCE_DATA.INI', and edit it, there is no mention of 'UseEffectShader', 'NormalTextureShader' or 'WaterTextureMaterial'


Am I doing something wrong?


Kind Regards



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What system specs are you running - you need to install patch 2008 if your PC can handle it - you can run it in vista straight away then without changing inis etc.

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Moved to a more appropriate Forum. PLEASE do not post questions in the Knowledbe Base. Thank you! :grin:



For the lack of shader effects in the terrain data ini, it sounds like you're probably on a pre-06 level patch. Patch up to 08, and see what happens.


(to see what level you're on, start the game, and LOOK in the lower right corner of the main menu screen, they'll be a date code ... something like **.**.06, if still at the 06 patch level)



kevin stein

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I had the same problem with W7. As soon as I downloaded and installed the lates patch it stopped and I was able to run campaigns.



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